15-prata do monotrilho nesta sexta (20)

PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – No system controlling a one-touch 15 line at 10h 55 (20). Like the establishment of Vila Prudente and Jardim Colonial, Segundo from Metro made fechadas permanent for an uncertain pace.

Auxiliary tent in a 40-joint opening for an operation Paese (Plano de Apoio entre Empresas em Emergência de Emergência), on the subway or subway, to eliminate the usual security situations.

Linha 15-prata do monotrilho atrapalha and vida dos passiros desde of the dias do dos dors dos, quando circulou com velocidade reduzida em toda linha for the uma interferência entre as Vila Prudente and Oratório. Often, as the compositions turn out to be the main tempo of the best money.

As Plataformas das taões ficaram cheias and os passiros relataram deficuldades to embarcar.

Different social situations are usual to correct the situation.

“Monotrilho caótico de novo!!! Velocidade reduzida de novo!!! A gente surtando logo cedo de novo!” was written by Loren Braga as an example.

Leandro Zuccaratto posted on a social network, “Leandro Zuccaratto is 15 prata more than the main tempo.

Sara Souza, “Did anyone encounter a problem at 15-Prata?

The irony of Paulo Gonçalves Soares, “Do you have a suggestion for the capital of Paulista? 15 Prata toda no chao and wonder todas for todas”, sarcastically Paulo Gonçalves Soares.

After Metrô, it can cause equipment problems as a company does not clearly describe the equipment and it is not basic and functional.

The Normalization and Operations Plan (Emergency Empresas Entre Empresas in Empresas emergência) was not deployed in the operation.

This is a linha enfrenta que oo second problem with a second semana seguida. There is no final limit of 11, the opening of the concrete caused single line trains of 15 to run during a madrugada. An error detected during an inspection after Metro, Matutino watch or watch.

At 16.15 after the meter, he fixed the concretization and realization of the testicles, closing the line of total normalization.

During this time there were no roads at the entrance to Vila Prudente and Vila Uniao, and for 30 months after the crossings (Emergency Empresas Empresas empresas Apoio’s Plan).


In the parade, a concrete block higher than 15 metropolises on Luiz Inácio Anhaia Mello street, a district from the capital.

In 2020, it was an um pneu lançou with a metal sign on Sapopemba Avenue and a linha paralisou standing in cem dias.

In January 2019, there is a chocolate train in Jardim Planalto. A warehouse space is one of the best equipment for going over a distance of 15 meters alone. Warehouses, or new storage areas, have created an escape point to gain access to the platform.

In the last 11, his supporter Sílvio Marques supported the Public Ministry of São Paulo Public Patrimônio Patrimônio Promotoria, responded to the investigation of the problems in the network, information and media information on the official authorities and concrete and concrete information in the environment In any case, there are always a lot of problems and these problems are fixed again.

That Ministry of Public is questioning whether you are required to close the connections caused by the events.

CAEx’s Núclo de Engenharia do (Centro de Apoio Operacional à Execução), Ministry of the Public, is the biggest relationship that needs to be done concretely, with no transitions.

Um 2021, the technique related to Caex apontou that led to the emergence of the uma composition of monotrilho in 15-prata, in the fire of 2020, the project problems and executing the linha, assim, project, fabrication problems and assembly of trains.

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