2-1. Joao Felix, bienvenido al desastre

London, 12 wide (EFE). Joao Félix, fired on his debut, shows that for Graham Potter alambre and tercera de las ‘Blues’, he was the most critical critique of the real situation before Fulham (2-1).

Damn Felix, with 58 minutes at Chelsea, he prevented Portugal from messing with an equipment where they were exported from a revolutions parade 30 minutes after the Vietnam era to the final, typically no star in a former league.

Los ‘Cottagers’, near Willian’s goal, former villain and Carlos Vinícius, close to a trap by Kepa, Victoria’s certificate in London’s west end and Potter’s most fire-fighting dejan equipment


Yes, the rhythm of Joao Félix, marcó el partido que el partido, is in principle a unique wonder. Vacationing in Madrid Atlético’s cadenas, Portugal, London, the other ‘Blues’ attack and a Ream’s first bubble in Havertz in the first season of Havertz and Havertz when multiple cantados fell.

At Chelsea, it’s not a general example of goal events, it’s heralding that the holiday season has been reclaimed and a stand-alone ‘nueve’ is needed to win opportunities. Graham Potter was volvieron in the first three-party win, defense and at Fulham, while there was no tener against Mitrovic’s goalkeeper.

He saw Reid first, with a big foe in Kepa status and went to William’s goal. Chelsea’s defense prevailed over Willian’s pies on the field.

The ex-Chelsea bailed out Azpilicueta and survived a dispute over a rebuild at Chalobah, reviving the tray industry in Spain’s porteros. Willian did not compete at Stamford Bridge.

The goal alone boosted Chelsea’s confidence and confidence in Félix, which left a large part of the way to Leno behind.

At the moment, Chelsea is back in a war navy, the balloon paradox. After descending the mountain, Mount covered a Leno with a lateral wrong as it drifted into a palo. El rebote quedó muerto in the area and Koulibaly lo empujó, sacando el tiro, desde the portería Leno. When you come back to Arbitro, you confirm what entrado game is.

In Potter’s son Volvía and remontada, Chelsea turned out to be maldito. At some point, in Zakaria, a larger contratiempo for the enfermeria of the ‘Blues’, or ideal for sitting down. In a split balloon, Félix fired against Tete in a very violent entrance, a pier, without hitting lleno in a jugador at Fulham.

White sheets are a friend in college and, along with gritos in the “fuera, fuera” class, indicate the roja goal. In his first match, Félix let the media down and lost Chelsea in a men’s singles.

In this regard, Havertz, due to customary play, made a mano error and Kepa relegated to 2-1. Español is sold by a hub of Andreas Pereira and Carlos Vinícius, not possible with a cabezazo in a second palo.

Tercera derrota derota del Chelsea, cuarto partido seguido sin ganar and un solo triunfo in los últimos and co encuentros. Craven Cottage is at the core of “Potter is desperate for your mother,” and it may be dying to become reality.

– Ficha technique:

2 – Fulham: Leno; Tete, Adarabioyo, Ream (Chukwuemeka, art.79), Robinson; Palhinha, Reed (Cairney, m.68), Pereira (James, m.94); Reid (Wilson, m.68), Willian (Solomon, m.83) and Carlos Vinícius (Chalobah, m.94).

1- Chelsea: Kepa; Azpilicueta, Chalobah (Cucurella, m.79), Silva, Koulibaly, Hall; Kovacic (Gallagher, m.79), Zakaria (Jorginho, m.56); Félix, Mount (Ziyech, m.80) y Havertz.

Goals: 1-0. Willian, m.25, 1-1. Koulibaly, m.47 and 2-1. Carlos Vinicius, art.73.

Referee: David Coote by Fulham with a Robinson (m.9), Pereira (m.14), Adarabioyo, (m.84) and Leno (m.96), Chalobah (m.36), Hall (m. .62) ) and Mount (m.76) are part of Chelsea. Félix (m.58) was expelled from Chelsea.

Highlights: Featured at Craven Cottage (London) as a reporter during the final week of the Premier League debate.

Manuel Sanchez Gomez

(c) EFE Agency

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