21 flying habits that will get you kicked out of the plane

All courtesy is forgotten at 40,000ft - Shutterstock

All courtesy is forgotten at 40,000ft – Shutterstock

It’s official: Clapping when a plane lands is seriously annoying. In fact, it’s so frustrating that 14 percent of people believe it’s a abandonable crime, according to a recent survey commissioned by online dating site Seeking and conducted by OnePoll.

Exactly why the tradition continues is a mystery. Unless both the pilot and co-pilot got sick and landed a passenger plane, it seems pretty interesting to loudly praise strangers for just doing their job. When was the last time you heard a clap for a mechanic? According to one pilot who spoke in an interview with Telegraph Travel, it’s “definitely an economy class phenomenon.”

That’s not the only habit that’s annoying during flight, though. Many social moray eels seem to disappear at 40,000 feet, and far more gruesome acts go unpunished every day. such as:

1. Socks removal

Many traditionalists would argue that taking off shoes alone is bad enough to warrant major sanctions. But the practice is so pervasive that we will focus our attention on the bigger of the two evils – passengers who find it reasonable to throw away not only their shoes but also their socks, their foul-smelling and messy hooves are hung on all passengers. Recently.

2. Space invasion

After reading this poignant account of what it’s like to be a fat person on a plane, we tend to have some sympathy for these burly people who can’t help but invade their neighbor’s space. But for those who insist on dressing like a man, throwing the first volley of an elbow fight, or falling asleep on a stranger’s shoulder, punishment must be brutal and unusual.

3. Reclining the seats

He’s divisive. Some of the Telegraph contributors, including Annabel Fenwick Elliott, believe that one has a right to withdraw in the economy and will not be told otherwise. Others, including Hugh Morris, could not argue further. More than 20,000 Telegraph readers have been polled on the subject and 40 percent of you think this is really rude and should be banned; 30 percent consider fines only for long-haul flights; 24 percent think we should all feel free to lie down.

4. Pulling yourself upright using someone else’s seat

Holding each headrest as you slump down the hall is another no-no (despite the severe turbulence). Prepare to be released.

5. Standing in the hallway to chat with a friend

That means you’re in front of the drinks cart, pissing off your friend who just wanted to read his book, and you’re probably inches away from someone’s face.

6. Seven aisles back to chat with your friends

Probably even worse than hiding in the hallway. Yes, they can hear you. We can all hear you because you’re shouting in seven rows.

7. Doing Yoga

It’s possible. Or push-ups, for that matter.

8. It takes forever to order a drink

You watched as the flight attendants spent half an hour coming towards you—enough time to peruse the menu. And for God’s sake, don’t leave your headphones on when ordering.

9. Noisy technology

Speaking of which, we don’t want to hear the high-pitched music coming from your shoddy headphones or the beeps, chimes, and chimes of Candy Crush on your smartphone because you forgot your book or couldn’t read it.

10. whining about your tight connection

Do not book such a tight connection. Simple.

11. Or whining about food

We all know that airplane food is bad. Sometimes really bad. But don’t go on. If your taste buds are that sensitive, take something with you (but make sure it doesn’t smell).

12. Small chats with strangers

A smile and a nod is good. But while a traveler is clearly reading the newspaper or enjoying some peace and quiet, don’t start telling them about your journey, how you started raising chickens, or the conservatory where you saved money.

13. Offers

Public offerings are in extremely bad taste. Public offers on an airplane are unthinkable.

14. Not going into flight mode

Anyone can see you texting under your sweater. And we all get a little nervous.

15. Misbehavior

This includes being rude, getting drunk, peeing in a bottle (thanks Gérard Depardieu), and being a “boy” in general and laughing arrogantly at your friend’s bad jokes. We know you’re on vacation and it’s VERY exciting, but please shut up.

16. Ignoring the safety briefing

Or forgetting to fasten your seat belt before take off, forcing the flight attendant to remind you.

17. Overhead closet pigs

Your Panama hat has no place in the overhead box.

18. Retention

This should be banned in all walks of life, not just when the flight attendant reasonably asks you to lift your laptop because we’re about to land.

19. Refusing to give your seat for a young family/honeymooners to sit together

No, it’s not a matter of principle. It’s a matter of being a ***.

20. Noisy kids

You may wonder why this was left almost for last. This is a tricky subject. Children who get stuck on a plane with characters of the kind who commit the crimes detailed above may well burst into tears. The bigger problem is unbelieving parents who do nothing to fix their child’s tantrums or couch kicks. There’s no excuse for taking a toddler to business class.

21. Preparing to leave while taxiing

You’re still stuck on a plane, but now you’re getting up and blocking everyone’s way.

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