3-0. Uruguay fights hard in the Sudamericano and Venezuela

Cali (Colombia), 24 en (EFE).- The Uruguay siguió selection took the lead in Colombia’s Sudamericano Sub’20 and a hard pass 3-0 in Venezuela, which was on the floor of the table and in his absence Argentina’s Technical Director Fabricio Most of the biggest release of Coloccini.

Luciano Rodríguez’s delantero of Liverpool uruguayo is not a couple with three tantos in Brazil in Vítor Roque and the torneo’s goalkeeper, but Celeste’s other tanto and the medium of the mediocre Fabricio Díaz.

In Partido fue in the first parte, put on your intense best game fire and play with a much more powerful bubble. In this context, Marcelo Broli’s equipment was revealed for the first time ever more openly, as he had a grueling freedom thrown by Rodrigo Chagas’ flywheel friend, Frankarlos Benítez.

1-0 into the 23rd minute, Randall Rodríguez beat most of Venezuela’s centre. Renné Rivas and Rafael Uzcátegui gave a large number of despierto balls to Luciano Rodríguez, the greatest protector of Caracas. .

Coloccini’s gear is far from brazo los brazos, reaching 37 with a great distance from the center camper.

In this context, Uruguay contemplated the second goal in a jugada colectiva in Renzo Sánchez and Díaz hicieron.

For the second step, Coloccini decided to move the bank to empty the bank. Ingresaron Wikelman Carmona and Kevin Kelsy played alone on the court in the minutes when they found the amarillas in the 60-second minutes. The area on the banks of the Boston River in Uruguay was considered the first shot from the hurricane.

Así pues, tramite fue tempo for Uruguay in the second time slot, Chagas put up with Rodríguez in a 3-0 jugada in the balloon on the border of the zone, remató in the first spade and conversion as one of the biggest of the acorns de lo que va de campeonato al 64.

As a result, Uruguay is leading Group B with puntos, Ecuador with Cuatro, union with Bolivia, union with Chile and Venezuela.

In Jornada, a program for jueves, Celeste shines as a Frenchman in Verde, as does Vinotinto played in Tri at Deportivo Cali’s stadium.

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