34-26. España joins a second route with the biggest sufrimiento ever

Cracovia (Polonia), 14 ene (EFE).- Selection of Balloon Balloon Certificate for the basic classification of the World of Polonia and Suecia, tras imposed in Chile at 34-26, in a sufrido encuentro in Al Qaeda. The most convenient Spanish connection for gaming.

This means that less than a minute of camp is needed to be persistently least dense in the Spanish pre-election world and to be equipped with “The Spaniards”, which is the cost of the “Hispanos” encuentro arrangement.

After Iñaki Peciña y Abel Serdio made his debut in a major international competition, there are plenty of issues to control the chilenos, especially in his new season defense.

Esteban Salinas’ biggest estático fuera, the biggest stadium of Javier Frelijj and Esteban Salinas, defenders with no capacity on the metropolitan line, more goals and penalties that allow America at sea than marcador (6-6).

Jordi Ribera concluded that Guardiola’s best moment was when he stood on the defensive at Gedeón’s entrance and maintained the consistency that the patient failed to do when he fell on the defensive.

The best defense, allowing Spain to finish the championship (10-6) with a score of 4-0 within minutes, helps the escape from Spain.

A better spejismo from Chile, with Rene Oliva’s las paradas and Erwin Feuchtmann’s goals, tanning with a piste aferró and a single goal (14-13) and going to a portería vacía before an exclusion de Miguel Sánchez – Migallon.

Often, due to an existing difference in equipment, which was a scarecrow for the “Spaniards”, conditions that make it necessary to urgently follow too many time intervals that make the most difficult living environment difficult.

A palabra unable to get into Jorge Maqueda’s cabin, a busy sea with an opponent at sea, scoring goals in the finals, a beautiful ellos from a beautiful arcade, let Spain descend to calm three times the adventure (18-15).

España difference augments the diary with a tanto (22-18), the first minutes before the second minute, the first minutes before a chileno equipment, with Erwin Feuchtmann, everything sober, el portero Rene Oliva narrowly became negaban with a torcer brazo.

(23-) 21) Jordi Ribera’s vent, a vent to conclude time range.

With Erwim Feuchtmann leaving the zone of slaves, equipment revival in Chile, on the last tram to save all equipment in Spain, in Suda, as American jugadors face their biggest debt mistakes.

The failure to allow “Hispanos”, which allowed Agustín Casado and Dani Fernández to score new minutes in Spain with a cinco goles (28-23) on loan, allowed the counterattack play to recede. final.

The difference being the manager of Alex Dujshebaev, much more history for daily entry, facilitating progress on all lines, securing triunfo (34-26) and classifying in Spain’s second team.

Ficha technique:

34 – Spain: Corrales; Solé (5, 3p), Garciandia (-), Serdio (3), Peciña (-), Cañellas (2) and Dani Fernández (5) -equipo inicial- Pérez de Vargas (ps), Maqueda (3), Ángel Fernández (-), Alex Dujshebaev (6), Casado (3), Guardiola (1), Sánchez-Migallón (-), Dani Dujshebaev (2) and Odriozola (4, 2p)

26 – Chile: Oliva; Scaramelli (-), Rodrigo Salinas (3p), Emil Feuchtmann (-), Erwin Feuchtmann (8, 5p), Salgado (1) y Frelijj (1) -equipo inicial- Felipe García (ps), Ceballos (-), Delgado (-), Esteban Salinas (1), Illesca (2), Paya (4), Codina (1), Ahumada (4) and Donoso (1)

Marcador cada cinco minutos: 2-3, 6-5, 10-6, 12-9, 14-13 and 18-15 (Descanso) 19-17, 22-18, 23-20, 26-23, 30-25 y 34-26 (End)

Arbitros: Emam y Hedaia (EGY). Minutes excluded for Casado, Sánchez-Migallón and Maqueda for España; or Frelijj for Delgado, Salgado and Chile.

Events: Correspondence from the second week of the first season of Polonia World and Suecia at the Tauron Arena in Cracovia (Poland) before 2,500 viewers.

Javier Villanueva

(c) EFE Agency

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