5-0. El Olimpia wins Real Sociedad’s final corona fight

Tegucigalpa, 22 Ene (EFE).- El Olimpia won the title in a 5-0 victory in Honduras with a goal and placed first in the Clausura Torneo Hondureño.

Cuatro goles is second in the first time slot and Olimpia trio, with Argentina’s leader Pedro Troglio.

Colombian Yustin Arboleda, Jerry Bengtson, José Mario Pinto, Kevin López and Jorge Benguche in the Olimpia trio, mayor enthusiast in Honduras and rig of top prizes (35), landing zone in apertura torneo paso before Real Sociedad, its most urgent luego .

Real Sabado in Real España, along with a new candidate in Uruguay, Julio Rodríguez, lost 4-0 to Héctor Vargas of Victoria, Argentina.

The first season finale ended in the second half of Real España, in the 52nd minute for Uruguay, and Claudio Inella became the club’s new jugador by scoring the first goal.

An Inella, Argentine Sumaron Ramiro Rocca, Darixon Vuelto and Paraguay Pedro Baez beat Real España’s three goals.

El Honduras Progreso, together with Colombian John Jairo López, defeated Vida 2-1 in a dramatic game.

López team rallied the party, beating Vida 2-0 in the 88th minute at Juan Ramón Mejía’s pier, with goals from Dixon Ramírez and Jhan Carlo Mora in the 88th minute.

El Vida is attacking in the last minutes with a playful intent, but that doesn’t stop the opponent from advancing on the defensive and doesn’t get a good favor as a result.

El Motagua, leader of Argentina’s leader Hernán Medina, went against University Pedagogy 2-1 in the first match of Great Britain Torneo, which started with team parties.

dirigidos in medina, subcamps in Apertura Torneo, superados fueron by locally jugando universities in Choluteca Ciudad de Honduras, re-montaron in a second time slot in perdían perdían in the 14th minute.

El Motagua scored a jump ball with Carlos Mejía’s goal, the middle of University Pedagogy, where Oliver Morazán played 57 games in the middle of the goal and Jairo López in the middle of the goal on the far mountain.

Local El Olancho scored a goal against the Marathon, which took 24 minutes to score 2-0 with statements from Clayvin Zúniga and Damín Ramíre.

At 28 minutes, Olancho ate cardboard balls with a goal from Cristian Altamirano, beating 51 Ovidio in the Second Division to win the match 2-2. to

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