6-0. El Barcelona golea y se asegura una primera plaza peligrosa

Barcelona, ​​21 December (EFE).- El Barcelona retained their first win of Group D at Campeones Femenina D where they lost 6-0 at Spotify Camp Nou in Rosengard and lost certification, one of the most important matches of the last days it happened. Asisat Oshoala tantos and Mapi León, Fridolina Rolfö, Marta Torrejón and Irene Paredes’ goals.

This first plaza can accommodate large peligros. Lyon Olympique, the real camp, finished their group fase in second position, and the leader of the french league, Paris Saint-Germain, is likely to make the final in the minor leagues in the youth years of the league. Accordingly, there may be possible opponents of the blue stones in the final.

Because of the party’s importance, Giráldez once tackles important things as a title. Así, young players Gemma Font, Marta Torrejón defence, Ingrid Engen center camper and before Rosengard’s debut Salma Paralluelo and Asisat Oshoala were the usuals in the first-place encuentros in salieron.

To be precise, the Nigerian player won 1-0 in the 1st minute and lifted the pier to score a goal to win a big balloon procedure from Aitana Bonmatí, who was visiting Angel Mukasa. After a few minutes alone with Y, Oshoala directed a cabin remake on the second palo of Izquierda band Mariona Caldentey.

At Rosengard you quickly got the most motivation to make ends meet in the group, which is the sum of all the news. Because a piece of equipment in defense is tratata, it has challenges for saliring with an open air balloon and the capacity to form the battlefield of an opponent in a field in a stadium at Camp Nou.

In the sequel, however, Oshoala, along with Barça’s scaled down rhythm, increased the noruego’s aerial evasion and other opportunities to reduce its power. Another thing found elsewhere, when you use Descanso, turns the clock to move the Balloon record blue, which is exactly Giráldez’s best leveling.

Apatia is in no better shape than Mapi León’s top spot, on the front line of Mapi León, who was defeated 3-0 in 45+2 minutes by the palo derecho of Mukasa’s portería. At Y, 47, Fridolina Rolf could not take great pleasure in interrupting the midfield with a score of 4-0 by beating her opponent in a single move by Aitana.

The fiesta is not over. In the 50, Marta Torrejon scored a goal that proved Mukasa’s failure and the party’s restoration met with a score of 5-0. Barça’s biggest results with Irene’s Tanto are Barça’s 69th minute debut at the Nou Camp, with Vicky López’s debut in the 69th minute.

The trio saw their holiday break in Navidad and tied Sevilla in the Johan Cruyff Estadi in Finetwork Liga F.

Ficha technique:

6 – Barcelona: Gemma Font; Torrejón, Paredes, Mapi León (Codina, min. 68), Rolfö (Rábano, min. 68); Engen, Aitana, Pina (Patri Guijarro, min. 68); Paralluelo (Bruna, min. 81), Oshoala (Vicky López, min. 81), and Mariona.

0 – Rosengard: Mukasa; Öling, Berglund, Arnardottir, Wik; Persson, Sprung (Ayinde, min. 60), Holdt (Chmielinski, min. 60); Larsson (Thogersen, min. 76), Kullashi y Schoug (Brown, min. 46).

Goles: 1-0: Asisat Oshoala, min. 10; 2-0: Asisat Oshoala, min. 16. 3-0: Mapi Leon, minutes 45+2. 4-0: Fridolina Rolfö, min. 47. 5-0: Marta Torrejón, min. 50. 6-0: Irene Paredes, min. 69.

Mediator: Désirée Grundbacher (Suiza). Mostró met with Olivia Holdt (min. 14) or Mia Persson (45+1) in Rosengard.




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