79-71. El Gran Canaria toma to market leader before Buducnost

Redacción Deportes, 13 dic (EFE).- El Club Baloncesto Gran Canaria, Eurocup Group B leader, temporarily left the patient group in Buducnost, Montenegro and in an agonica prórroga ( 79-71), North America by John Shurna, 16 point -4 triples and saved the biggest version with 6 rebounds.

At the start, Brussino and Albiciy hit the arsenal’s goal for the previous season’s visit (11-5). With Montenegro, there is no barrier to Montenegro’s supo response as far as Lazika’s exterior and Booth’s influence are concerned, until Igor Drognjak frees up the electronic ad hoc desks (17-17).

In the second half of the Gran Canaria cargo, ahora with Balcerowski and Shurna as the protagonists calculated the first cuarto hand guide with a five-minute punt siege (28-21) for descando. The new equipment at Balcánico minimized bleeding in the perimeter games between Reynolds and Popovic, while maxing out a match (36-36).

In Reanudación, the beginning of Buducnost caused Jagodic and Ilic to provocate for his first visit (38-43). Jaka Lakovic’s men were intent on reacting, but ataques amarillos se before the opponent’s physical frenzy. Diop was limited to the lbs, with Inglis and Brussino looking for puntos in the area, allowing Drobnjak to drop by half in revueto (48-51).

In the final, Gran Canaria was a vacation destination, the companion of the physical harshness imposed on Buducnost. The area of ​​Shurna y Slaughter where Podgorica failed to advance on the marcador is Kaba se imponía (57-59, 4:56 for conclusion).

The attack invokes a real fear of the attack. Ambiances can pile up launch bugs to embark on an adventure to warrant most of the usual business. Albicy’s trio leveled the balance (62-62) and the fire from Buducnost entered a curl that confronted Bell-Haynes with the sound of a falling trumpet during tape (62-64).

Embargo, a gang of Shurna and new bugs in volvió montenegro equipment after 18 seconds for the final in Gran Canaria. Lately, all is well, navy at its best and strongest when managing Diop and Diop.

In the extra time slot, Shurna’s trio, along with the other Albicy, allowed a balsamic rental from punts (74-68). Reynolds and Kaba reduced his personal line due to a tough exterior of Shurna and ended selection and leadership in favor of Gran Canaria (79-71).

Ficha technique:

79. CB Gran Canaria (17+19+12+16+15): Albicy (12), Slaughter (8), Shurna (16), Balcerowski (11) and Brussino (11) -five titles-; Benite (3), K. Diop (11), López (-), Bassas (-), Salvó (2), Inglis (5) and Kljajic (-).

Actor: Jaka Lakovic.

71. Buducnost Voli Podgorica (17+19+15+13+7): Bell-Haynes (13), Reynolds (12), Kaba (14), Jagodic-Kuridza (5) y Popovic (4) -rig-; Booth (5), Laz (5), Ilic (4), Drobnjak (9) and Kamenjas (-).

Entrepreneur: Vlada Jovanovic.

Mediators: Michele Rossi (Italy), Nick Van den Broeck (Belgium) and Tomasz Trawicki (Poland). Sins removed

Events: Regularly corresponded to one octave of Group B of the Eurocopa de clubes -Eurocup-, debated in front of 1,691 spectators at the Gran Canaria Arena.

(c) EFE Agency

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