8 white products to help you last longer

Beleza products by Vic Ceridono and Larissa Manoela (Photo: divulgação)

Vic Ceridono and Larissa Manoela’s beleza products, real-life operations (Photo: reveal)

Asim by 2023, he verão Apenas começou e, se você ainda não atualizou o necessary or quer ter certeza de que escolheu beleza products Certificates, documents required to prove cabelo, maquiagem e corpo — weed out the sunscreen, um um qualquer época can be every day for sure, and aqui falamos, okay?


Stick Tudo, Vic Beaute

Don’t mix it up with too much espçacho (bright color!) and multifunctional formulas, serve as batom, blush/bronzer/contorno (depending on skin tone) and sombra. There is the possibility to create a regular pigment coating, make-up or make-up and achieve different effects. As Amando, for example, to have a manchadinha or uau, to cover the fingers and to obtain a natural magenta or pinkish scent on the palpebrae.

Stick Tudo, Vic Beauté (Photo: reveal)

Stick Tudo, Vic Beauté (Photo: reveal)

Larissa Manoela of Iluminador Liquid Glow, Océane

Spread tons of it (bronze, dourado, and rosado), use it with a suit — super practical — or with a uma esponja.

Iluminador líquido Liquid Glow, Larissa Manoela by Océane (Photo: divulgação)

Iluminador líquido Liquid Glow, Larissa Manoela by Océane (Photo: reveal)


Linha Reabilita, Quem Disse, Berenice?

The shampoo helps to clean the skin, it is a care cream that can moisturize and repair the serum, bem levinho, que balance or age the pH and cuticle ultrasselador. Esse trio é or não é tudo que a gente precisa to passar the essa temprada de sal, cloro, sol…

Shampoo Repair, Conditioner Repair & Cream Acidifying Booster, Quem Disse, Berenice?  (Photo: reveal)

Shampoo Repair, Conditioner Repair and Healing Serum, Cream Disse, Berenice? (Photo: reveal)

Texturizing Spray Style Dry Texturizer, Keune

The most wanted list (mesmo!) is a brand to finalize many more of these categories. Detail: The texture of the fiber tissue can dilute the appearance of praia for a gente ama, provide excessive oil absorption and UV rays protection.

Spray texturizador Style Dry Texturizer, Keune (Photo: divulgação)

Spray texturizer Style Dry Texturizer, Keune (Photo: reveal)


Mists perfumes for the corpse and cabin in Cheirosa, Sol de Janeiro

Perfume is a fragrance that is difficult to recommend. The foggy weather of Sol de Janeiro will result in conquest, com certeza! My favorites in ’68 are flowering berry fruits, pink rose, jasmine, hibisco and baunilha.

Mist perfume for Cheirosa, Sol de Janeiro (Photo: divulga&xe7;ão)

Cheirosa, Sol de Janeiro (Photo: reveal)

Óleo Multifunctional Huile Prodigieuse Or, Nuxe Paris

A deal with a brand was sold around the world in as little as 6 seconds. E não é à toa, viu? The principle is not to use any company (também é feito para o roast eo cabelo). It can be something enchanting, perfumed and illuminating, intimate, unreal.

Óleo Multifunctional Huile Prodigieuse OR, Nuxe (Photo: divulgação)

Óleo Multifuncional Huile Prodigieuse OR, Nuxe (Photo: reveal)

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