ABC producer’s widow accused of endangering children after children left her dying husband to rush to hospital

The bereaved widow of ABC producer Dax Tejera has been accused of putting children in danger after she allegedly abandoned her sleeping children to hospitalize her dying husband.

Dax Tejera, executive producer of ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” died of a sudden heart attack on December 23 at the age of 37.

His death was confirmed in a note sent to ABC staff on Dec.

It has now emerged that his devastated wife, Veronica Tejera, 33, was arrested just hours after her shocking death and accused of putting the children in danger.

Tejera left her two little girls, two and five months old, alone in a hotel room at The Yale Club in New York City, the NYPD said on Monday.

Police were summoned after a tip-off that unattended children were found in a hotel room around 11 pm on 23 December and found that the two girls were “left alone in a hotel room for a long time”.

Ms. Tejera was later accused of acting in a way that hurt a child twice.

However, the bereaved widow objected to this version of events in a statement.New York Post.

Ms. Tejera said she had taken her husband, who had collapsed to the ground, to the hospital, leaving their daughters in the hotel room.

The girls were asleep at the time, and he said he was keeping an eye on them with a children’s monitor.

He also said that while he was in the hospital, he called his family and a close friend and rushed to the hotel to take care of their children.

However, when the group arrived at the hotel, the staff said that they did not allow them to enter the room.

“We had two cameras set up for my kids while they were sleeping, and when I was away from them, I followed them closely. “Even though the girls weren’t harmed, I know it was a bad decision.”

Dax Tejera and his wife Veronica Tejera pictured together (Dax Tejera/Instagram)

Dax Tejera and his wife Veronica Tejera pictured together (Dax Tejera/Instagram)

“While I was watching them on camera, I asked both a close friend and family member to run to my kids’ hotel room and take care of them. The hotel did not let my friend in and called the NYPD instead.”

Ms. Tejera asked for privacy for the family, who had come to terms with her husband’s death.

“My family and I were devastated by Dax’s sudden death. He left behind a heartbroken family and two daughters whom he loved with all his heart.”

“Our family has experienced a terrible tragedy. As my children and I mourn Dax’s death, I respectfully ask for privacy.”

He was sentenced to appear at a desk and will appear in criminal court on the charges at a later date.

After joining ABC for the first time in 2017, Tejera worked as executive producer on Mr. Stephanopoulos’ program from February 2020.

Before that, he worked for NBC for five years as a researcher, editor, and then producer.

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