Ameaça jihadista in Espanha looks very persistent

In the four stanzas (25) great prayers were made, a lot of time has passed for the resistance of the jihadists in Spain, but there are no extremely high tempos, so they can be compared with advisers, and deaths like the leading, second experts.

Carlos Igualada, director of the International Observatory Against Terrorism (OIET), is clearly accredited at the AFP to “be successful in defense and not have any camp of participants”.

“Since 2017, the largest number of terrorists in Europe is helping to ensure security, with almost no doubt about arms branches and involvement in a terrorist organization”, increasing.

At Então, Igualada, agora participants “experienced their death-deaths once again, as in Paris, Nice, Berlin, and Bruxelas”.

Algeciras is a 25-year-old marroquino town in Andalusia (magistrate), with a holy sanctuary and a father dating back two years in Algeciras.

Suppose that government opened as a jihadist, as a National Spectator, competent on terrorism, for example, as investigations.

“The elements that determine all the features and methodology that enable a pro-jihadist organization to offer an intertwined approach,” said Chema Gil, professor at the Centro University of Cartagena ISEN, and coordinator of the Segurança International Observatory, declared on public radio RNE.

Increasingly, as a result, “although not alone or at all, the investigation has been definitively determined”.

– Longe dos anos mais sangrentos –

For breakthroughs against various trains in the suburbs of Madri in 2004, the majority of deaths in Europe ended with 191 deaths and nearly 2000 deaths. There were huge turnouts at Espanha in Catalunha in 2017, 16 deaths and 240 deaths.

In 2004, pro-jihadist militants who announced the surrender of weapons in 2011 and co-existed in an ETA navy organization that was purged in 2011 went to a police force where an Islamic non-radical principle was concentrated.

With the presentation of Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska in 2022, the counter-terrorism prevention, protection and counter-terrorism plan (PPPyRA, signed in Spain), to the east of the nest location, in Secondary government communications, “rumors of modern radicalization and different forms of extremist violence, especially and pro-jihadist groups”.

In 2004, 1,000 jihadist authorities in Spain rose to prominence as the second head of the Ministry of the Interior. In 2021, a Spanish detective 40 and 140 Francs, with a deal Europol is extremely interested in against terrorism on any continent.

AFP Manuel Ricardo Torres, professor of Political Science at Sevilha Olavide University “Spain is not a country where individual participation happens as often as in France, Germany and the United Kingdom”.

– Colaboração com Marrocos –

The normalization of relations with the Marrocos in 2022, a period of hardship depois caused by the location of Spain or the region in the West Saara, cuja sobriety and rebirth for Rabat, has recently come with a vividly calming relative paper in Spain.

In Professor Torres’ view, “no joint work has been done with the Marrocos in the fight against terrorism”.

Increasingly, “a large number of counter-terrorism activities that can be carried out as part of information directed against Marrocos are allowed to feed”.

In the last major operation at the end of 2022, a Spanish police identified 11 people who had entered its territory and borders “without any involvement in any crime related to a terrorist group of criminals” after the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.


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