Bolsonarista com arsenal supports police busca segundo suspeito

an attempt to detonate a bomb that the DF did not investigate;  Polícia spotted and outside taken care of - Photo: REUTERS/Adriano Machado

an attempt to detonate a bomb that the DF did not investigate; Polícia identified in the custody and supply of others – Photo: REUTERS/Adriano Machado

  • empresário, where George Washington Souza prosecuted on suspicion of a terrorist group in Brasília;

  • Deployed to respond to the bomb in caminhao, in the local vicinity of the capital city federal airport;

  • Suspeito indicuón de dus pesoas. New eruptions occurred and there was a second eruption (26).

George Washington Souza, empresario preso Suspension of any terrorist environment in Brasília (DF), Often times there are twice as many indications as to the likelihood of a combustible explosion occurring in an area close to the airport in the capital city of País.

Information on the information provided by the UOL portal, the police force and Alan Diego dos Santos, which is described as a fortress.

George was transferred to the Papuda Penitenciário Complex in São Sebastiao. A police officer who was part of a camp in Exército who joined the camp when an explosion or artifact explosion occurred in a final explosion (23) that was Alan’s responsibility.

After that was the age of the idea of ​​planting energy as a bomb somewhere to extinguish or reduce electricity. However, the police are artifact and accredited in a caminhao who managed to break into the orgy and spend 5 am.

A security guard fleeing Caminheiro may escape with an explosion during a vehicleless inspection. An effective group against the bombing attacks in the DF Police Police, which eliminated the attack.

Information and statements about the delegates given by the UOL to the DF Civil Police claim to have drawn attention to the protests in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The groups are in favor of possible forced realism protests to attack and interfere with Forças Armadas, which could block the Lula (PT) group elected as president on 1 January 2023.

Social media was lauded by Bolsonaro, where George was not a Bolsonarista. Todavia, the fonts of the Segurança Secretariat point to the UOL, where protests accompanied the police and numerous bolsonarists passed by to constantly monitor.

In the second half (26), the biggest eruptions are not in Gamma, but about 25km from the center of Brasília. No relationship could be identified with the primitive works of art located near the airport.

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