Boston Celtics wow Charlotte, Joel Embiid decides for Philadelphia

Les Boston Celtics strengthened the lead in the conference dominated by Charlotte (122-106). Joel Embiid, a marqué le panier de la gagne for Philadelphia à Utah (118-117). Rudy Gobert did not participate once in Minnesota’s success at Cleveland (110-102).

Le fait: Boston s’échappe à l’EstThe final days of Brooklyn and Milwaukee rekindle a Boston vibe at the Est conference. And the Celtics decided to restart a player at the same time with the dynamism they’d win again and again after a sixties game at Charlotte (122-106).

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17 points from Jayson Tatum (33 or 33 points total), avec 17 points (33-19) and a three-quarter lead (32 wins-13 losses) and the best team in the league. Marcus Smart had a double-double with 13 points and 12 pass-defining results. Côté Hornets, LaMelo Ball 31 points, 9 decisive passes and 7 rebounds, Théo Maledon did not play on 31 December.

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L’action : Joel Embiid crucified UtahAn irrevocable final game in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Philadelphia is a blow to the final moments of the game. C’est finale was Joel Embiid eu le dernier mot (118-117). In the last six seconds, a subtle service consisting of a small reunion of James Harden has found a way to reconnect, Cameroon is conveniently located for the railings. The best option for patting the fillet against Walker Kessler and your son is the jumpshot selection.

Jordan Clarkson (38 points) muselé completed le Jazz (lauri Markkanen sur grace) and heard an electrifying bell. in vain. Côté Sixers, Embiid had 30 points and 7 rebounds. Toughen the game with 31 points, 11 decisive passes and 7 rebounds.

Le Frenchie: Gobert, retrouvailles écourtées avec MitchellFormer partners – in a difficult parfois relationship – Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell set out to premiere from Utah, which turns in different directions. The Minnesota Timberwolves du Français challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers de l’Américain (110-102), Anthony Edwards (26 points), center and attend the premiere night. (13 minutes of play, 6 points, 4 rebounds, 1 interception).

After the pause, an été préservé as the raison d’être of douleurs or niveau des niveaus. The result in Minnesota was a balance (22 wins-22 losses) and the six-ranked remonter, qualified directive for the playoffs (les équipes classées de la 7e and 10e position setters without jump-offs).

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Les autres matchesThe Portland Trail Blazers have not finished a string of consecutive wins at the residency of the Dallas Mavericks (136-119). Damian Lillard was decisive with 36 points and 10 passes.

Trae Young (29 points) and Dejounte Murray (27) let the Atlanta Hawks beat the Toronto Raptors (114-103), allowing them to dance in a duel that pours into extremely convenient places or places suitable for « play-in » gave. .

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