British Airways flight attendant made £50,000 mistake on first day on the job

A new British Airways flight attendant had an embarrassing first day on the job when he made a mistake that cost the airline nearly £50,000.

An unnamed cabin crew member accidentally opened an emergency door, causing the plane’s inflatable slide to open.

The airline confirmed that the attendant was working on flight BA75 to Lagos on Friday 13 January and made the mistake shortly after the pushback at Heathrow.

The open door caused the Boeing 777’s emergency slide to swell and the plane to be thrown from its side, causing emergency crews to surround the plane, thinking it was about to be evacuated.

Passengers were then delayed for four hours as the airline’s crew struggled to get the plane back into flight.

Aviation data analyst M Zulqarnain B shared pictures of the inflated slide with a fire truck and police vehicle clearly visible on the asphalt below.

Engineers reportedly arrived to remove the slide from the airport asphalt, but it was decided that the plane needed a new slide.

Finally, another plane was sent to transport the disillusioned group of passengers to Lagos.

Mistake may have cost British Airways more than £50,000, reported Sunconsidering the replacement slide, the new plane and the flight’s original takeoff slot are missing.

The airline said it gave food and beverage vouchers to passengers during the wait and apologized for the incident.

“The plane was back on hold and customers landed normally. We apologized to customers for the inconvenience caused, provided them with catering coupons and arranged a spare plane so they could continue their journey as planned,” said a BA spokesperson.

A crew member later tweeted about the incident, saying “1 exploded slide, 1 NITS briefing, 1 diversion, 2 nights in Lagos and a very TIRED crew”. Sun.

Human error is always a possibility during airport operations, but some mistakes are more dangerous than others.

On Friday night, a Delta Air Lines jet and an American Airlines plane narrowly avoided a collision on the runway after the second plane turned into the wrong lane just as the second plane was accelerating for takeoff.

A shocking noise came from the Air Traffic Controllers, who instructed both pilots and eventually urged the Delta pilot to abort the take-off as they were traveling at 115mph across the runway.

“F*ck! Delta has canceled 1943 takeoff plans! Delta has canceled 1943 takeoff plans!” a controller can be heard saying.

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