Car carbonized corpses in Unaí (MG), massive deaths and deaths in DF

BELO HORIZONTE, MG (FOLHAPRESS) – Carbonized bodies in a car in Unaí (MG), not in the last 14, Renata Juliene Belchior, at 52, and Gabriela Belchior, at 25, the largest and most big, closest prayers as in the Federal Distrito.

170 kilometers of coastline of Brasília.

Veja o que se sabe até agora sobre a morte das dez sosoas. Identification of multiple prayer bodies to conclude that the IML (Instituto Médico Legal) in Minas Gerais was placed in the Police Civil Union (24). As a result, teenage Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira was prosecuted by an identity official.

An acknowledgment that as Minas and the Federal Distrito police, agencies can have the largest and greatest know-how, in keeping with a company in Belo Horizonte. A DF Civil Policeman who is jealous of Minas, the father of 54-year-old Marcos Antônio Lopes de Oliveira, lives in Chacina when Gabriela is with him.

“Information about the masters leads to the emergence of a solid identity,” to the surrounding criminal Giovani Vitral, the conversations among the journalists, since the beginning of the night.

An identification possible through DNA examination, as the body was carbonized. First, notice that the second time a polis can be tratava of femininos bodies, also contrados mortais restos mortais de úteros and ovários notados notados de úteros de ovários from carro.

New exams are performed in a way that can be defined as more than one morreram. To give an example, the best possible testicles may pray to live close by than in any vehicle. There are no prazos to finish the exams.

Currently, the nenhum parent can purchase Minas Gerais’s IML in larger and larger institutions, which will be in line with the institution’s expectations in the near future.

Due to intensified investigations in the Civil Police in the Federal Distrito, it turns out after a maximum of 13 months.

An ID of Renata and Gabriela’s bodies found a cargo transported to Minas that could not be localized anywhere.

When there was one (24) in the area, a DF policeman reported that the largest number of dead troops in the area was localized.


Offenses occurring in connection with the DF Civil Police. Sao elas:

Elizamar da Silva, 39, returned from the dead for the first time; Thiago Gabriel Belchior, 30, Elizabeth de Elizamar; Gabriel da Silva, 7, Rafael da Silva and Rafaela da Silva, two great players, 6, Elizamar and Thiago filhos; Marcos Antônio Lopes de Oliveira, 54, pai de Thiago; Renata Juliene Belchior, 52, Marcos Antônio Esposa; Gabriela Belchior, 25, daughter of Marcos Antônio and Renata; Cláudia Regina Marques de Oliveira, full company of Marcos Antônio, second or second representative, Ricardo Viana; Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira, adolescent, daughter of Marcos Antônio and Cláudia Regina QUEM SÃO OS SUSPEITOS? On the last hill (24), where the police identified four people; You can delete the following three times:

Horácio Carlos Ferreira Barbosa, 49; Gideon Batista de Menezes, 55; Fabrício Silva Canhedo, 34; Carloman dos Santos Nogueira, 26 (pup)

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