Carragher laments ‘worst managed club’ in England after Lampard leave Everton

According to Jamie Carragher, Everton is the “worst managed club” in England and has “demonized” their fans after they claimed there were safety concerns for board members at Goodison Park.

Toffees’ board, on the advice of security experts, did not attend the home loss to Southampton on 14 January, citing “a real and credible threat to their safety and security”.

Everton released a statement prior to kick-off explaining that the situation was caused by “malicious and unacceptable threatening correspondence from the club”.

The Toffees’ struggles culminated in the sacking of coach Frank Lampard on Monday, but Carragher, a growing Everton fan, focused his anger on the club’s handling of fan discontent.

Speaking to Sky Sports, former Liverpool captain Carragher said: “There was a protest that everybody knew, it wasn’t going to happen during the match, it would be at the end of the match.”

“Everton’s board made a statement saying there were threats, and I don’t deny it – and if that’s true, then that’s very unusual.

“But I think someone had to be at the game, their statement as a football club was very unusual. To me, they’ve demonized the entire fan base and I’m not saying they’re lying in terms of threats, but that’s the name of the game.”

When asked about physical threats and concerns about violence, Carragher replied: “It may have happened, but nothing has been reported to the police, so you should tell the police.

“They threw the whole fan base under the bus, you don’t do that especially in the city we come from. In Liverpool, you support yours, whether it’s your family or your football club. That’s what you do.

“[The supporters] They were there to criticize and kick them out, but those fans kept them afloat last year, remember that.

“The fans are protesting to kick them out of the club. [the board] They felt that they couldn’t go to that game. Behind making this statement, how are they going to get back to the game or Goodison? Lampard’s gone, but their banners aren’t going anywhere until those people leave the club.

“Until there is a drastic change there, they won’t be able to pull the fans back and they’re the ones keeping them going.”

Frank Lampard has a 23.7 percent win record at Everton in the Premier League.

Frank Lampard has a 23.7 percent win record at Everton in the Premier League.

Everton are ranked 19th in the Premier League with 15 points after a 2-0 defeat to their rivals West Ham on Saturday, their eighth defeat in their last nine games in all competitions.

Toffees’ next manager will be his seventh permanent appointment since London Stadium-based Farhad Moshiri invested in the club in 2016.

Carragher believes sacking Lampard was the right decision, but his concerns remain over Moshiri’s relationship with board members Bill Kenwright and Denise Barrett-Baxendale.

It was right to change coaches, but no one knows a club better than their own fans,” he said. “Their supporters don’t have banners for Lampard, they have banners for Moshiri and the board.

“I said that about six months ago, Everton is the worst managed club in the country. I don’t say that as a former Liverpool player, I say it as a former Everton fan.”

“When I made that comment, Everton really got in touch with me and I thought it was fair enough, you say things in the media and sometimes things come back to you. But I didn’t think I was wrong when I said it back then. and now I don’t think I was wrong.

“Moshiri doesn’t know what he’s doing but he has a lot of money and has invested a lot of money. Why does every Everton manager fail? You have to look at the top and this is Moshiri. It’s a mess.

“There’s a huge chasm between Moshiri, Kenwright, and Denise Baxendale – what is Kenwright’s role? He’s not financial and the owner doesn’t listen to him. If they’re there for the expertise, they don’t listen to them, why do they have them there?”

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