Conte wants to help Kane win trophies to confirm Spurs records

Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte wants to help Harry Kane win a trophy with the club because he believes success will give their records more validity.

Kane scored the Spurs’ winning goal in their 1-0 win over Fulham on Monday, equaling Jimmy Greaves’ club goal record.

The English striker now has 266 for the Spurs and just enough to get one more to write his name in the club’s history books.

However, the 29-year-old Kane has yet to win a trophy with Tottenham, who last did well in the EFL Cup 15 years ago.

The atmosphere around the Spurs has been tenuous lately after hard defeats to Manchester City and rivals Arsenal, but Conte is trying to focus on the positives.

“Of course I would like to help him, me and his teammates do something important, win something with Tottenham because he loves Tottenham,” Conte told reporters.

“Tottenham is in his heart and it would be good if we could win something together, because then it’s important to have that record, but I think it might be more important if you win a trophy.”

Conte also explained that Kane’s game-winning image came even though it wasn’t 100 percent.

“Today was great,” Conte added. “I think he scored a great goal, execution for controlling the ball and then kicking it like that, only a world class striker could score that goal.

“About the spirit I mentioned earlier, I want to underline that Harry plays with fire and is not that good. [in terms of condition]but because he understood that moment, he wanted to play.

He understood that he was a point of reference for us, for me, for the other players and for Hugo. [Lloris], the two players who are the reference point for the dressing room. I’m really happy today because I think he was rewarded with a goal.”

But Conte’s hope of winning a trophy with Kane is pretty remote.

Success in Europe comes as a huge shock as they are placed in the last 16 of the Champions League.

They are 14 points behind Premier League leaders Arsenal, who have played two more games at home, and were eliminated from the EFL Cup in November.

The FA Cup, which pits them against Preston North End on Saturday, represents their only realistic hope for a trophy this season, and Conte urges players to believe.

“I think we have to be dreamers,” he said. “I talked to the players and said that today should be a starting point for us.

“Usually you learn more from defeats than wins. After our games against City and especially Arsenal, it was important to think well with my players and to know that we lost something from last season, we lost something in defense but not in offense.” .

“When I choose to defend, I want to involve the whole team, so I talked to all the players and they showed me the stamina, the desire to defend the result. I have smart players, smart players and good guys and I think they gave me a good answer today, that should be a starting point.

“We want to move on to the next round on Saturday. [of the FA Cup]. It is not easy to go to the championship team, but to be a dreamer, we must know that this is an important match for us.

“The FA Cup could be important for us, 17 games to be played in the Champions League and the Premier League. If I see this unity, we have time to have another good season.”

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