Contract with International Tennis Federation and Kosmos Rompu

The International Tennis Federation and the Kosmos board were the common denominator of the Davis Coupe organization. It’s a marasme marasme passed in 2018, and it exists to prolong the anonymity rivalry.

Longest marasme and Coupe Davis radical reform in 2018 to win 71% of the vote at the International Tennis Federation (ITF) general assembly in Orlando (Floride). L’ITF or the group Gérard Piqué Kosmos signed a contract for a very small fee (for 25 years). Encore qui est à l’origine de cette séparation on ignoring.

As of 2018, the plus formulas continue to be kept anonymous, unless at the core of the competition, it is unsatisfactory. A priori, celle mise en place in 2023, avec notamment une phase finale, à Malaga (21-26 November), resterait en l’état. This is a ground for operations.

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Herald of the different federations Dave Haggerty, president of the ITF, se félicite du great success is the success of the four quartet (plus the support of nations, joueurs, high turnout cases, croissants for fans etc.)

Aucune raison n’est avancée pour expliquer cette abolition. A group symbol that encompasses the cooperation of bilateral parties from the very beginning. « No information about Davis Cup CommitteeRaconte Gilles Moretton, president of the French Federation. Members of the voice do not understand the reasons for the rupture. And this case is at the root of the separation. Est-ce que c’est parce que que Kosmos n’a pas payé ? in Ignore. Mais c’est come ça depuis lebut. On sur cette history, vain transparency. J’ai claims Kosmos’ contract and is unable to donate to me. In November, in Glasgow, I requested a member for the Davis Cup Committee, Egypt Ismail El Shafei and more. The person not responsible for Haggerty. »

Depuis 2018, Coupe Davis’ new model, transformed in an international Coupe and hit all Niveaux. Large-scale events organized by the majority on the land are not enough for public enthusiasm and financial resources filled with millions of euros of investment. Kosmos aurait d’ailleurs is seeking a delayed acquittal of 6 M€ from the ITF.

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« Kosmos is always one of the best experts possible, but it is made up of four experts, not able to pay the promise.describe the source of a file file. The maintainer, there is nothing important that should not be saved more than some of his work that needs to be repaired. I think the Coupe Davis is totally unique, which is why I have the domicile/outdoor alternative format. »

Question format of the futureC’est l’ITF is the previous foundation organization in 2023. For a suite, the most immediate addition. « Je suis ravi de cette crack avec KosmosI just finished Moretton. President of the J’étais déjà contre cette réforme avant même d’être élu. It’s like the Grands Chelems positioning the Coupe Davis. In the federation of the four Grands Chelems, the piliers du jeu, the most, and the Coupe Davis fait partie de notre patrimoine. Après, le format, c’est une autre history… On va tous se réunir and réfléchir à l’avenir de la competition. »

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