Corredor (Redeia) is the best medicine for the social impact of companies

Madrid, 11 ene (EFE).- La Presidenta de Redeia (antigua Red Eléctrica), Beatriz Corredor, miércoles detacado este de las de las political ESG (Ambiental, Social y de Gobernanza, por sus iniciales en inglés).

Corredor, Exministra de Vivienda (2008-2010), participated in the redon of “ESG and the strategy of valuable transformations of ESG” at the opening ceremony of Foro Spain Investors Day, recognized as a new international standard Empresas’ social impact environments, in the mid-media environment existing similar mode.

Redeia president, junto al president of the ICO, Quevedo José Carlos García, Ferrovial delegation delegates, Ignacio Madridejos and Fundación Seres president Fernando Ruiz, coincided with the pap of political administrations in the candidate functional standards required for companies and social media access indexes.

Corridor bought back a paper destacado destacado destecado company in a company and environmental association that Spain declared “alser una energetic island” and “almost” declared it “has the necessary energy”. The world’s largest electrical system” as suministro courts that can be produced before success as Filomena torture and before improvisations at the EEUU.

Tied to Europe’s “renewable-powered” Spanish buck, Además allows electricity to be valuable on the world’s biggest holidays, in a context that arose due to the energetic crisis provocation during the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

In Red Electrica’s recent times, renewable energy sources represent 59% of the national power and depend on Spain’s mix, with 69.6 gigabytes (GW) of over 118 GW.

With 29.7 GW, combinations of eólica, gas (26.3 GW), solar photovoltaic (19.2 GW) and hydroelectric (17.1 GW) emit electricity with more installations in Spain.


The corridor reminded the European Union of the importance of driving other technologies such as the Eólica marina, the German environment, green industrial industry and auto consumption, which are necessary to create a shaped framework in line with the implementation of the European Union. Innovation is a bucks hero and getting stronger and turning into a smarter red.

As an 18 year old employer we are happy to learn about social security and politics, company, school, student, company, work is present in different stages that facilitate social and social work environment. , in the locale of different ecosystems in real time, such as the reduction of emissions, the creation of regional vertebración or economic circulars.

Recognized that Red Electrica is “leaving the first planes in 20 years” and the Ibex 35’s first empire in the Ibex 35, with a 50% stake in the Board miembros, while considering the policy of the también government. This push may have reached only 28% of the vegetation that would “activate and activate female talent” by logging in to the intermediate guidelines (38% of the real one).

During the intervention, the importance of the standard impact of social media, the similar mode in which the media environment exists, was noted, and the Seres “Huella Social Zone” Base Project was applauded for the standard assessment of actual impact assessment. In a company, the activities of a company that is sick in general, for example, activities related to economically and socially determined infrastructures are created.


Representatives delegated by Ferrovial explained that reversals could be further supported.

“There are many ways to build relationships with transparency and the state”, “based on the ambient environment, Europe, considering the real, everything, project projects at EE.UU” has destroyed much of the focus of social environments and comunidades in cómo se opera’ They contribute to it”.

In part, the head of the ICO started out as part of Europe’s core assets, and this has become the most necessary regulation for companies to respond more to ESG.

Además made a public-private collaboration busqueda en la búsqueda to record objects independent of a company’s tamaño, and was a facilitator spreading 6,500 million euros in bonuses. It reduces CO2 emissions.

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