Djokovic saves Australia’s regular games at Abierto for a Nadal match

for Shrivathsa Sridhar

MELBOURNE, 13 years old (Reuters) – Novak Djokovic regains Grand Slam title with Rafa Nadal close to Australia’s Abierto, volviendo al que fue su coto de caza antes de la fea polemica fea polemica antes of ausencia el año pasado.

With 12 months vacant in Australia, the first Melbourne camp exiled to a climate of rage in Australia supported the world’s longest-lived algae before escalating COVID-19 infections.

He took the opportunity to win over Daniil Medvedev and reached one final epic championship to win the second title at Melbourne Park, but most importantly, it was the 21º Grand Slam to get a big trophy and a big trophy at the Abierto of France.

When Roland-Garros’ Nadal dominio has been for Djokovic at Melbourne Park in decades: the world’s biggest number one to set new titles and records in 2007 at 82-6.

Djokovic put on an impossible show in the semi-finals and finals in Abierto, Australia, with a 9-0 record at the embassy, ​​in your favorite auto siempre to break the fruit of a great racha.

After three years of visa suspension in Australia, Djokovic has become a poco ganando poco for enthusiasts, and in Adelaida’s camino hacia el title – undecimo trofeo in país – su undecimo trofeo-, pero en Melbourne podria is receiving more hostile reception.

In his biggest streak of the season, Djokovic was unable to support a Nadal before the final, but in Nick Kyrgios’ verse with the Wimbledon final’s final rule, Serbia reached the 21º major hurricane.


Djokovic’s long-running sea run is tied to a lesion plagado finale and a healing process with a tentative start time.

Jack Draper was the most sought after in Britain to compete with the old jersey and probably fell in love with Frances Tiafoe and Medvedev.

Series runner-up Casper Ruud proved Djokovic’s victory at Abierto United States in the second final of the 2022 Grand Slam, and norvego continues as a lamando in the puerta of the first big bus.

The 24-year-old has faced other candidates such as Britain’s Andy Murray, along with other candidates such as former world number one Matteo Berrettini, Taylor Fritz or Alexander Zverev, who are returning to the scenario of the cinco subcamps of the Grand Slam.

The United States’ camp and camp in Abierto, Carlos Alcaraz, was the special winner of the Grand Slam, one of the world’s top contenders.

Medvedev, el tercer cabeza de series, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and sexto, Felix Auger-Aliassime, a frente paso and dominio de la vieja guardia desafiar at the Grand Slam.

(Reporte de Shrivathsa Sridhar en Melbourne; edited in Spanish by Tomás Cobos)

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