Don’t lose the disgust – Antonio Conte’s plan to get Tottenham back on track

Antonio Conte told Tottenham players to reinvent their bad series to get their seasons back on track.

The Spurs suffered their third defeat in four Premier League games, as they lost 4-2 to Manchester City on Thursday.

Inconsistency has devastated Tottenham in recent months, and another loss at Fulham on Monday could drop them to sixth place on the chart.

This form contrasts with their strong finish last season, when Conte’s men won eight of their last 11 league fixtures without conceding six goals along the way to carry Arsenal to the Champions League qualifiers.

“If I had to analyze what happened before, we applied the football knowledge, the tactical aspect, and also the players a year and a half later, compared to last season, there is more connection between them,” Conte said.

“But we have to be careful not only to develop one side, but not to lose what we created last season, to keep the solidity, the desire to keep the result, the desire to win the duels and not lose the unpleasantness.

“I repeat in football, you can be really good, but if you’re not strong on the field all the time then you can afford to lose, but I have a smart group of players, they know the situation much better than I do.

They know that for a team like Tottenham they have conceded many goals and they know that we have to try to improve and there is only one way to work, to stay together and be strong.

“I always use a word. To be stable, a team that wants to win must be a resilient team.

“We have to be resilient in every game and it’s not simple but I think that’s the key point, especially in this kind of situation in our season where you have conceded 21 goals in the last 10 (league) games.”

Some of Tottenham’s goals before and after the World Cup were due to individual errors, but Conte tried to ease tensions in his squad by insisting they continue to take risks.

“Maybe there are times when there are individual mistakes, it’s normal for it to affect the mood of the team and these types of situations can cost goals but that’s part of football.

“There have always been individual mistakes in football. Of course, when there are individual mistakes, we have to be strong, don’t lose confidence.

“I trust all my players. I trust all my players. They need to trust themselves. Mistake is part of football. I accept it.

“I don’t like it when I have an actor who isn’t trying to take risks, just trying to protect himself. I always tell my players that you have to take responsibility.”

Conte also pleaded guilty for failing to keep transferring the obscenity to his team.

Richarlison is the epitome of the will and desire of the Italian player, but was timid about his chances to start at Craven Cottage after a recent hamstring injury.

This means that Son Heung-min, who has struggled this season, can get another chance to get in shape.

“Maybe I was good with my football knowledge, my tactical direction and my attacking situation. Maybe I wasn’t good enough to convey that (evil) to my players,” Conte admitted.

“We attack with the whole team and we defend with the whole team. So I think we need to try to develop this aspect together with humility and reinvent the evil that we showed so many times last season.

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