Duke of Sussex admits he was ‘probably bigoted’ prior to affair with Meghan

The Duke of Sussex admitted he was “probably bigoted” before his relationship with Meghan Markle.

In a new teaser of his CBS News interview set to air this Sunday, Harry told interviewer Anderson Cooper that he was “incredibly naive” about how the British press would handle his relationship with the American actress.

He told the program that the “racial element” in the couple’s relationship was “immediately skipped” by the British press, adding that he had no idea how “bigish” the UK media was until his wife and their relationship were thrown into it. spotlight

“What Meghan had to go through was in a way similar to what Kate and Camilla went through – very different circumstances,” the Duke says in the 30-second clip released Thursday.

File photo of the then Duke of Cambridge (left) 04/25/18 greeting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as they arrive for the annual Memorial and Thanksgiving Mass in Westminster Abbey, London to commemorate Anzac Day.

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly claimed that he was physically assaulted by his brother due to his marriage to Meghan Markle (Jonathan Brady/PA).

“But then you added the element of race, which is what the press – the British press just jumped on.

“I went into this incredible purity. I didn’t know the British press was so bigoted. Hell, I was probably a bigot before my relationship with Meghan.

Cooper responds by asking the duke: “Do you think you were bigoted before your relationship with Meghan?”

Harry replies: “I don’t know. To put it that way, I didn’t see what I see now.”

In another clip from the 60 Minutes interview, Harry revealed why his estrangement from the royal family was so public.

“Every time I tried to do this in private, briefings, leaks, and stories were planted against me and my wife,” Harry told Cooper. “You know, the family motto is never complain, never explain, but that’s just a motto.”

Duke of Sussex souvenir

The memoir will be released worldwide by Penguin Random House on January 10 (Penguin Random House/PA)

“There are so many complaints and so many disclosures made through leaks,” Cooper said.

“They’ll feed or chat with the reporter,” Harry explained.

“And that reporter will literally be spoon-fed information and write the story. And underneath they’ll say they’ve reached Buckingham Palace for comment. But the whole story is just an interpretation of Buckingham Palace. So when we’ve been told ‘We can’t make a statement to protect you’ for the last six years. But you do this for other members of the family. There comes a point where silence becomes betrayal.

The interview is one of three interviews the duke did to promote his memoir, Spare, which will be released on January 10.

The CBS interview, her first interview with American television about the book, will air on Sunday. On the same day – at 9 PM in the UK – an interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby will be broadcast.

A third interview with GMB will air Monday morning.

The Duke will also be interviewed by Stephen Colbert on the CBS Late Show early Wednesday morning, UK time.

It comes after the book accidentally went on sale early in Spain despite its tight security.

According to The Sun, the Spanish version En La Sombra, translated as “In the Shadow”, shows Harry dedicating his memory of “Para Meg, Archie y Lili…y, for supuesto, mi madre” – “For Meg, Archie”. and Lili… and of course my mother”.

Amid multiple leaks from the book, ITV has released a new trailer for Tom Bradby’s interview with The Duke, which will air at 9 p.m. Sunday night.

Bradby challenges Harry to “violating the privacy of your nearest and dearest without permission”.

Harry replies: “People who don’t understand or don’t want to believe that my family is briefing the press would be to blame.”

The Duke is also seen saying: “I don’t know how keeping quiet will make things better.”

Queen  Elizabeth's death

The Prince of Wales (right) and the Duke of Sussex, their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. Before standing guard beside Elizabeth’s (Aaron Chown/PA) coffin

Bradby of ITV News at Ten – a friend of Harry’s – says: “Your brother said to you, ‘Harry, after all, how can you do this to me? After all we’ve been through?’ Wouldn’t that be what he was going to say?”

Harry replies: “He would probably say very different things.”

When asked if he would be attending his father’s coronation this year, he said, “There’s a lot that can happen between now and then, but the door is always open, the ball is in their court.”

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