Elizabeth Hurley slams British Airways ‘dangerous service’ after stranded in Antigua

Model and actress stranded in Antigua due to widespread flight disruption (Getty Images)

Model and actress stranded in Antigua due to widespread flight disruption (Getty Images)

Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley attacked British Airways after being stranded in Antigua amid widespread flight disruptions to the US and Caribbean.

This Austin Forces The star said on Twitter: “I’m stranded at Antigua airport, no food or water, taxi or hotel offered yet. Flight delayed 20 hours.”

An hour later, it did a second update, writing “Still stranded – no food, water or hotel”.

“A pretty dodgy service @British_Airways,” he added.

British Airways has been grappling with flight delays and cancellations this week after a technical issue interrupted dozens of flights from the US and Caribbean on Monday night.

Three hours later, Ms. Hurley reported to her fans that she and her friends “had to flee the airport for more than 12 hours without food or water.”

“Still no word from @british_airways,” he wrote. “Outstanding service! In the end, we managed to find ourselves a taxi to escape from the airport for over 12 hours without food or water.”

“To #avoid flying,” he added.

When customers who have flown on British or EU airlines are delayed by more than four hours, the carrier must provide reasonable food, drink and accommodation as needed.

The terms differ depending on the distance covered by your flight (in this case, more than 6,500 km from Antigua to London).

For flights below 1,500 km, the delay before this assistance is provided may be two hours or longer; For journeys between 1,500km and 3,500km, the minimum delay is three hours; If 3,500km or more, the delay should be four hours.

Citizens Advice says: “The airline can give you coupons to pick them up at the airport. If you haven’t been offered anything, ask someone who works at the airline.

“If they don’t help you at the airport, keep receipts of your expenses and try to request them from the airline later. Airlines only pay for ‘reasonable’ expenses; You are unlikely to get your money back for alcohol, expensive meals or luxury hotels.”

A British Airways customer service representative apologized for the situation, responding to Elizabeth Hurley on Twitter: “For out-of-pocket expenses, we recommend that you contact our Customer Relations team on your return. You can do this via the link below.”

On Tuesday morning, the airline apologized for the technical issue that halted some flights and said: “Our flights leaving the US tonight are currently delayed due to a technical issue that we are urgently investigating with our third-party flight planning supplier.”

He later confirmed on Tuesday that the issue was fixed.

Independent turned to British Airways for comment.

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