Emma Raducanu injured in ankle and ‘buzzed’ ahead of first game

Emma Raducanu training in Melbourne on Saturday - Getty

Emma Raducanu training in Melbourne on Saturday – Getty

The latest update on Emma Raducanu’s ankle injury is surprisingly positive. Despite entering Monday’s Australian Open with limited practice time, Raducanu hopes to feel comfortable on the court against world number 74 Tamara Korpatsch.

The smiling Raducanu, who came into the interview room sipping coconut water on Saturday, was far from the haunted young woman who cried as she left the court in Auckland 10 days ago. He credited his team, especially physical therapist Will Herbert, “for what they went to great lengths to achieve.” [me] to the court [on] Monday”.

Until the last few days, Raducanu was mostly limited to stationary disciplines such as serving and returning. Even when taking ground kicks, he relied on his new coach and batting partner, Sebastian Sachs, to get the ball back into his strike zone.

As a result, he admitted, “I’m pretty light on tennis.” But that’s hardly unusual for a woman whose aches and pains have been a regular pattern since her teenage days. The only time She has managed to put together an uninterrupted series of tournaments she won the US Open.

“Obviously, you were a little worried about that back then,” Raducanu said of his first ankle sprain, which occurred late in the second set of his game against Victoria Kuzmova. “It’s just when you go, you don’t really know what’s going on. But yes, we work hard. I haven’t played much tennis in my career so I’m not that stressed about the lack of tennis.

Raducanu’s cheerful disposition seemed to silently confirm his new partnership with German coach Sachs, which he signed at the end of last season. Ironically, Sachs had previously worked with Olympic champion Belinda Bencic and only became available when Bencic recruited Raducanu’s previous coach, Dimitry Tursunov. Actually, this was an unofficial swap agreement between the two players.

“I really like Seb,” said Raducanu, a man with a keen interest in data and analytics. “I think we’re doing great work. He’s very objective. He’s actually very experienced. I like the way we work together and I really hope it lasts a long time.”

Another new addition to Raducanu’s team is Jez Green, Andy Murray’s former fitness trainer, with whom he has shared his services with 2020 US Open champion Dominic Thiem since November. Green has already made a noticeable contribution, as Raducanu arrived in Auckland on an increased shuttle that reached 111mph at one stage.

“I can definitely say that I am in a stronger position,” Raducanu said. “I worked hard [over eight weeks of training] And I’m very happy with how it’s going physically. I started playing tennis pretty late, just because of some issues I had at the end of last year”-especially the wrist problem that forced him to miss the Billie Jean King Cup games in Glasgow-“but I think it will continue to build throughout the year.

“So while I was a little shocked at the beginning [about the ankle] I actually feel really good. From my team’s current perspective, I think I’ve set things up really nicely. And I’m just humming to start and keep going.

Raducanu was asked about his off-court life, whether he turned 20 in November and whether he caught up with any of his peers in the off-season.

“There really isn’t much of a difference,” she said of leaving her teenage years behind. “I think my parents still see me as a kid so that will never change. But yeah, it’s like you think in your head that you’re 20 years old, but then you really realize ‘I have 15 years from now if I want to,’ so I’m still a long time away. It’s important to put this into perspective and not think you’re running out of time at 20.

“I’ve been home for two and a half months because my season is getting a little shorter,” Raducanu added, “so I had some time off and that was nice. I was doing well off-season, but in my spare time I would hang out with my friends. Most of them are in college in America, and to be honest, I’ve been told dorm life or something. I wasn’t jealous when they told stories about him. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you’.”

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