Florence Pugh discusses public criticism of Zach Braff romance: ‘People didn’t like it’

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Florence Pugh, left, and Zach Braff. (Photo: Getty Images)

Florence Pugh says people don’t like her dating Zach Braff because she’s not a young, blockbuster movie star.

This don’t worry darling The 27-year-old star discusses her hot career demand‘s winter number. It involves talking about his next movie, A good person, An independent project written and directed by Braff, 47, who he left in 2022. She told Mag that the breakup was “still new” and discussed the criticism they faced over their 21-year age difference.

“We weren’t in anyone’s face,” he said of himself and Braff, whom he started dating after starring in a short film in 2019 and became close as they were quarantined together during the pandemic. “It’s just that people didn’t like it. They imagined me with someone younger and a blockbuster.”

This Little Women The actress continued, “I think teenage relationships in Hollywood are so easily distorted because they’re posted on gossip sites. It’s exciting to watch. And I think I was in a relationship that did none of that.”

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Pugh went on to say that “the breakup is very recent” and is still figuring out what’s next in many areas of his life. For example, he recently bought his first house in London, which will be the base, but after sharing Braff’s until last year, he is trying to figure out if he needs a place in Los Angeles. The story states that Braff’s kitchen, where he made the pandemic “Cooking With Flo” videos, referred to as his “kitchen” in conversation. He called his garden “his own garden”.

Calling Pugh a “legend” just last week at a birthday commemoration, Braff made a feature-length quote, not discussing their relationship or the criticism for it, but he did mention his performance. A good person, It comes out in March. Pugh plays a pharmaceutical marketer who is about to get married but is involved in an accident that killed members of her fiancé’s family. He abuses opioids during his recovery, which leads to a complete addiction. Pugh produced the film and was involved in many other aspects of the film, from casting and script revisions to writing the soundtrack for his character.

“I think he’s one of the greatest actors of his generation,” Braff praised his ex. demand. “She’s just charming. You can’t take your eyes off her. And it’s not just her beauty and her acting talent, it’s that thing, that magic thing that transcends the screen, where everyone and everyone goes: I want to see it. No matter what this person does.”

Braff said that while Pugh wrote the role for her, the story was partially inspired by Amanda Kloots. During the pandemic, when Braff and Pugh were confined to his Los Angeles property, the guesthouse was occupied by his best friend Nick Cordero, Kloots, and the couple’s young son, who had moved from NYC and was remodeling their Los Angeles home. Of course, as the tragic story goes, the Broadway actor contracted COVID and was hospitalized for months before dying in July 2020.

“I really wanted to write about how we as humans stand up no matter how hard things get,” Braff said. Speech host.

Looking back at that time, she said, “Our property was ground zero for Amanda. So many wonderful people came in and took her baby out for an hour alone. Florence would make pizza and bring them in. until ten. And of course we were afraid of COVID. So that’s why she went on the front porch. “He’d sit down and we’d sit in a row 1.8 meters away. It was a very, very, very busy period and we couldn’t even sit down. Comfort Amanda properly. Of course we were devastated and we said nevermind and hugged her.”

Pugh said Cordero helped Braff feel at home around him and “he made everyone feel good – in terms of my relationship with that fellowship and that life, Nick was a huge part of that.” The couple hosted Cordero’s memorial service in the vegetable garden.

But it’s not their garden anymore, and Pugh talked about rooting in London. He recently bought a place in the city that has always felt like home to him. Now, several months since her departure, it felt like the right time.

“It was pointless for me to rent a place in London because I was so busy over the years because I hardly ever came home,” he said. “I was always literally commuting from one job to another, living in a suitcase. When I came back, I already wanted to see only my family and friends. So I would just stay with my family and friends.”

She chose South London because she has a few friends from high school there and is already planning her first dinner party and the next act.

“You know, when you start you have a dream: What does it mean you’ve accomplished it? What does it mean you’re an adult?” said. “For me it was this: you live close to your friends and you have a local bar. Because I didn’t do that when I was younger, because I didn’t go to college, that was true for all my adult years working and living abroad, in my mind I still couldn’t put all the pieces together.

Now episode-ready, she states that although she’s lived in Los Angeles longer than anywhere else in her adult life, she’s always considered herself “more of a London girl.”

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