Former Barclays boss saw young women harassed on trips to Epstein’s mansion, lawsuit alleged



The former chief executive of Barclays “personally observed” young women being harassed by the late pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein, according to allegations filed in a US lawsuit.

Jes Staley, who was forced to resign from the British lender’s top job in 2021 after a regulatory investigation into his past ties to Mr Epstein, was involved in a claim filed in New York by one of Mr Epstein’s victims.

The woman, who sued JP Morgan for allegedly facilitating her sexual harassment by Mr Epstein, claimed that Mr Staley “personally observed” young women being assaulted when he was head of private wealth at the Wall Street giant.

The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Staley helped cover up the disgraced financier’s sex trafficking ring while at JP Morgan.

To protect her identity, the woman, under the pseudonym Jane Doe 1, sues the bank that managed Epstein’s money prior to her death in a Manhattan prison cell in 2019, alleging Mr. . smuggling of countless young women is possible”.

‘Frequent visitor at Epstein’s house’

The 66-year-old Boston-born Mr. Staley had previously visited the convicted sex offender while serving his sentence in Florida for asking for a minor in 2009, and then to Epstein’s private Caribbean island for a four-hour lunch just months before he took the pill. He was known to fly. Best job at Barclays in 2015.

However, in the recent filing, Jane Doe 1 alleges that Mr. Staley visited Epstein in multiple homes, including the “massage room” of his New York mansion and a “victim stash” property on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. by going further.

The complaint states: “Staley … was a regular visitor to Epstein and personally observed that Jane Doe 1 was the occasional victim of sexual trafficking and harassment, including her departure from JP Morgan in 2013.”

To be clear, during his years as a senior executive at JP Morgan, Staley was not only one of Epstein’s closest friends, but more importantly, he frequently visited Epstein’s home, including the massage room; Staley met many of Epstein’s victims of trafficking, including Jane Doe 1; Staley visited the victim stash house apartments owned by Epstein. [an address on the Upper East Side]and Staley personally observed the sexual abuse of young women, including Jane Doe 1.

“These actions were within the scope of Staley’s employment at JP Morgan.”

The lawsuit alleges that “in exchange for substantial financial support, JP Morgan knowingly and willingly took advantage of Epstein and his sex trafficking operation and received valuables. And this substantial financial backing has allowed Epstein to successfully rape, sexually assault, and traffic in forced sex with Jane Doe 1 and others.

Mr Staley allegedly bragged within JP Morgan about Epstein’s value to the bank and “used his position at the bank to silence critics of the relationship between the bank and Epstein.” “This meant that JP Morgan would keep Epstein as a client at all costs, including not taking action against red flags.”

The couple exchanged nearly 1,200 emails in 10 years

Attorneys for both JP Morgan and Mr Staley declined to comment.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority began investigating whether the bank chief had accurately disclosed his relationship with Epstein in 2019 after receiving emails suggesting that the pairing was friendlier than alleged.

Barclays said the investigation found no evidence that Mr Staley had seen or was aware of any of Epstein’s crimes.

The new allegations come just a week after Mr Staley was accused in a separate case of facilitating the sex trade for Mr Epstein after he developed a “deep” friendship with his former client.

This claim, filed by the US Virgin Islands against JP Morgan, claimed that the close relationship between the two men “may even suggest that”: [Mr] Staley may have been involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation”.

He added that the couple exchanged nearly 1,200 emails over 10 years, including a discussed plan in 2011 to set up a “very high-profile” charity fund.

The late pedophile presented the idea as a “private club” with a minimum donation of $100m (£81m) and said JPMorgan would act as fiduciary.

The complaint states that during his time as a JP Morgan client from 1998 to 2013, the bank serviced approximately 55 accounts containing “hundreds of millions of dollars” for Epstein.

US Virgin Island claims the accounts were used to pay Epstein’s victims – $600,000 in one example – and recruiters who helped find them.

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