Garrincha dejo to Pelé, his eldest comrade, in Canarinha at the age of 40

Río de Janeiro, 19 ene (EFE).- Edson Arantes do Nascimento “Pelé” de Manoel Francisco dos Santos “Garrincha” dejó al muerte de la muerte de la muerte de la muerte de la muerte with Nascimento “Pelé”, the greatest and most influential comrade in Canarinha de Manoel Francisco, 19 width (EFE). Brasiléña nunca juntos alineo cuando cuando perdió is your choice.

Three times in the history of football football, volvió volvió, who is 82 years old worldwide and is considered by the greatest football players of all time and victims of complications of colon cancer, has been exactly pareja pareja and peligrosa.

Punta derecha, such as “Mané Garrincha”, “Genio de las Torcidas Torcidas” and “Alegría del Pueblo”, emerged in 1983 in premature form, 49 years old, victims of alcoholic cirrhosis, pobre and despidio. .

After the Ambos party, Brasil achieved the most famous fame of the attacans. Pelé y Garrincha debated 36 winners, empate and ninguna derrota with 40 participants in the brasileña election.

Juntos, mayors of los dos dos, rival clubs Santos and dos dos dos in the history of Botafogo have conquered world titles: Suecia in 1958 and Chile in 1962.

Mientras, Santos’ jugador, shone at Suecia for 16 years, forgetting goals and scoring goals to Mundial’s greatest juvenile youth, Botafogo, Pelé lesion in the second party, an estrella in Chile, celebrated as Brazil’s hero and lamentations.

New 40 partidos 55 goals: Pelé 44 and Garrincha 11. Botafogo’s productive period is notable as it is superior to Pelé, pues, 17 goals in Canarinha, el 64 % real time convirtió “ey rei”.


The final party debate over the Brasileña election in 1971, as a result of conquering the World in Mexico, adopted the green camiseta and agreed to attend a house party at Garrincha before 150,000 spectators. The stadium of Maracaná de Río de Janeiro.

The first match was fue en jugaron juntos, Pelé’s greatest comrade and Santos ancestor, in a mayonnaise with a 3-1 propulsion against ‘O Rei’ in Bulgaria and Pepe in 1958 in Brazil. This can be effective with Garrincha.

In 1966, England beat Bulgaria 2-0 in Canarinha for the first time at an official party in Brazil, and the immortal team finished with the 7th win.

World tricampion reconoció, various times where you can meet Garrincha’s greatest friend.

“Nunca jugué con nadie ni contra nadie Garrincha. Pequeña Pau Grande is a suburb of Río de Janeiro.

Garrincha to explore. “Pelé es otro genio, different. Pelé es el hombre-gol. Yo siempre fui el que le le la jugada., Y yo yo me con mo con estar en segundo plano”, dijo he en un entrevista.

The big differences in milentras are where Pelé grew up to be the world’s greatest komo and led a disciplined life, where Garrincha preferred to let down the screws in the canary and amplify festivities, celebrations and celebrations. is to end this perdición.

Y tras la muerte main differences se mantuvieron. The years Pelé was sepultado in a mausoleo dorado in Santos, notable mayor regateadors in Brazil’s history, and a shimmering milagro deportivo with a pier larger than any other in a water birth center. desconocida

It has been announced that Alcaldia Algunos, Cuando la Caldía, Raíz da Serra, where Pau Grande hosts Garrincha, are different from the names of football fans, how much they enjoy being abandoned and have official documents to be announced. mystery.

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