Governo Lula quer detecting fake news, government aces and the Justiça opening

BRASÍLIA, DF (FOLHAPRESS) – The governor of Lula (PT) responds “too many” to the knowledge opened by the government as disinformation distributors and responsible internet platforms.

Secom’s chief minister (Secretaria de Comunicação and Preidência), Paulo Pimenta, false news accusing the cometido government; to cause and respond to the deletion of credentials.

“It is not possible to silence industrial propaganda to respond to governments’ hunger,” released a news report on January 8 declaring that fake news causing violence was an untrue act for the government fighter.

The determined minister of Justice was not the trabalhando of “Peace for Democracy” to combat disinformation about the movements that feed the strikers, as announced by minister Flávio Dino.

There is much in the discussion or increase of responsibility platforms created by racism, homophobia, world discourse, democracy front and the spread of Marco Civil.


PERGUNTA – Do you have a decision for the 8th day?

PAULO PIMENTA – O dia 8 te que ser um marco. The agreements, which are a temporary part of the goal, the accreditations against the government, against democracy and which caused Lula not to vote for president, Lula também se contrária forma contrária posicionaram de conteceeu. The Union offers an opportunity for Brazilian society to re-engage with democracy and the Constitution as a prelude or response.

P – No legislative power, this is part of the defense of democracy, like Flávio Dino, Minister of Justice. Did you cancel?

PP – An idea that could reveal more than just a stand-alone responsibility. It is believed that progress can be made in the correspondence of the disclosed platforms.

P – The main responsibility of the legislative platform?

PP – No wonder that at the end of the election period, TSE and STF set up all the parameters, the number one type of case handled by the electoral court. Hoje there um debating que that in this world this fazendo. A European community argues that the base material is more than three years old. He Brasil is involved in this discussion. There was a very rapid technological development, but legal regulation could not be made quickly.

P – O Marco Civil also Internet?

PP – Sim about latest project [2014], most of the time you are completely free from saturation in the real sense. The European Union has a large number of emitters, medium commercial representatives, ask me a second question: listening to two radios. Uma que é privilege, prayers beyond digital, like mesmo alcance. When acquiring information with a tool to confirm a vaccine. He was responsible for emissions responsibility and basic information transport. On the other hand, a legislature cannot be held liable in advance. Any chance of finding a different home?

P – A Jovem Pan does not fit into an elite equivocation, for example, in YouTube broadcasts, TVs and radios. Is it possible to revoke regulatory regulations?

PP – It is not possible for a teenager to ignore home function platforms like a normal spread. Tem que ter uma regra. Consideration of the information landscape or its consequences for a society is the fundamental difference of knowledge that can be checked as pessoas by means of a concession or as a concession to prove knowledge or criminal practice. platform transmission?

P – As a flaming disinformation fighter for the democratic or non-violent movements, no prazo prazo?

PP – A mandatory response is stronger for the part of the manager. Often times, forms are produced that often distort a distorted, obscure form of information, a government, a government, a legislature, a public agent agent.

P – De que forma?

PP – Bully, malicious, public disclosure of bad news, future governor and bullshit that is sure to fail. No responders. Vamos encaminhar is for the Advocacy of the Geral Union and the Ministry of Justice to be able to identify you and respond to information about the product.

P – Do you know the basic information to send and how to determine a deinformation?

PP – It can never be a political or ideological circle. It is considered objective. Terra é redonda or plan? A dúvida sobre isso? Does the vaccine work or not?

P – Mas em relaçao a piticas do Governoro…

PP – This is phalando sobre atos normativos, uma lei, um decreto. To give an example: A fake news thread is circulating that allows Lula to raise an additional R$1,764 admission. Isso é mentira, no essa lei. Responder guides and encamines an AGU for AGU, MJ or MJ, taking responsibility for that invented person.

P – There is no such thing. Are there things you can use?

PP – Everything is fine. From MJ, from AGU, from MP. eles vaotar [as medidas].

P – Is MJ a legislature?

PP – Nothing can happen. This is a defining feature for the responder and encaminhar. Depending on the events, crime, parliamentary, disinformation, AGU, information conundrums, to spread everything necessary. It is not possible to silence the propaganda of the industrial establishments to respond to the hunger of the governments.

P – Regarding them, due to the availability of correspondence, there is a judicial order to move the content and the platform to another place. You may be demoralized for a judicial order and a presidential court.

PP – An excellent example. O TSE is a shortened acronym, attention is paid, denunciation and verified in the mail within a strictly determined period, with causation and irreparable bias.

Talvez may have the lowest mech mechanics that can be purchased with absolute accuracy. A mass debate in the final phase of the world cannot be resolved immediately. It’s a great safeguard, a safeguard for freedom of expression and a moderate level of regulation because it doesn’t allow you to build a platform of order regulation that would destroy basic democracy.

P – Bolson governor used MJ for ill-wishers criticizing the holocaust president. Senhors pretending to use ferramenta types to be president of Lula?

PP – Deformed nenhuma. You have the freedom of criticism or government. On the contrary, the most guessed question can be asked or more questions can be asked. With Imprensa as ajudar or trabalho, vamos as Sigilo, and access to government information, democracy emerges definitively.

A different design of information design, production of industrial jerseys, serious contacts with government and management, in fact, does not cause this opinion. No views, no media, no portals. Reveal something of a porter that applies to you.

P – No pass, levantaram publicações do sr. nas redes sociais, em que o sr. A front where the “fake” Bolsonaro is not president. Sir, does the house not have a facade?

PP – Esse assunto é muito controverso, half political discussion element. A “fake” gente fortune, as a version of Bolsonaro and the villains, has often failed. If a numeric data in history is believed to be converted so that it can be verified, just as PT or PSOL all over the world gain the trust, cause planes to fly, and Adélio to take a test. Not a “fake” facade, but a past in the whirlwind of episodes.

P – Do you have electricity in the front?

PP – Que ele levou a faceda, ele levou. As part of the PT and PSOL, one of the theoretical theories that a humanitarian is needed in order to recover and calm them down and have a very different background from them.

P – With Turismo minister Daniela Carneiro and a militia in Rio, Folha de ligaction first served as a governor in connection with the revelation. That minister is Rui Costa, this is very difficult. Don’t have the gas to manage?

PP – Nothing to burden or exercise burden on the crime ministry. Os fatos que foram levantados que agora até agora não tão de nada can be governed with absolute confidence.

P – A government that criticizes a minister from the police force to the police, isn’t it incompetent?

PP = Considered as a way of official recognition of a minister’s relationship with a militia, so more and more compromises are needed. The hardest way to collect photos, the number of campfires, and the most fragile argument. As a different example, there is a place where many police officers have bank banks to deposit money as it includes the family of the former president.

P – Bolsonaro foi militia room takes lots of photos that tire the militia…

PP – Eu, Paulo Pimenta, muitas disse: a Bolsonaro family, a family that includes militia criminal organizations. Often times, based on items in my process assembly, you can have the necessary access to passwords and process steps. There are things you can use to earn these items. Your relationship with a minister, remove the greatest possible power so that you can take over the next vínculo.

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