Hollyoaks releases new Silas rendition for evil Bobby Costello

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks made another reference to serial killer Silas Blissett as Bobby Costello’s downward spiral continues.

The boy showed violent tendencies, like his grandfather, who killed Verity Hutchinson to keep the secret that he last let Sylver McQueen die in the patisserie fire.

In a first look Wednesday, December 21, Felix found John Paul drunk again at Price Slice after getting drunk again.

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Felix was kind to John Paul by calling a support group to help him cope. With Felix’s encouragement, John Paul confronted his family and told them what had happened.

John Paul announced that he would go directly to a support group meeting and then begin treatment. Felix explained that “John Paul’s biggest concern” was ruining Christmas, and so he encouraged McQueens to continue enjoying the day.

“It’s a deal as long as you stay,” Mercedes told Felix.

Throughout the day, Bobby became more and more jealous that his mother was spending more time with Felix than with himself.

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Sally interrupted Felix and Mercedes by ringing the dinner bell just as they were about to kiss under the mistletoe.

“I love having you on the team,” Mercedes reassured Felix warmly.

Bobby continued to resent his mother’s new crush; an ominous abyss depicts him reading a letter from Silas, his dead-child serial killer grandfather, in which Silas tells Bobby: “When it comes to protecting loved ones, there is no precaution. , you must eliminate everything that stands in your way – at any cost.”

What terrible revenge is Bobby planning now?

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