How can you track your fitness with an iPhone or Apple Watch?



Do you want to be more fit in 2023? Your iPhone can help. There is a pre-installed fitness tracking app called Fitness.

Let’s take a look at how this app works, how you can track workouts with your phone, and how you can use Apple Watch or other apps to fully track workouts like running, cycling, and gym sessions.

What is Apple Fitness?

Open the Fitness app on your iPhone and you’ll see a summary of your health data collected throughout the day, including how much you move, how many times you stand up that day, steps taken and distance covered.

iPhone collects this information using the accelerometers and other sensors on your device and supplements it with additional information from your Apple Watch. If you have one.

The app also gives you weekly and monthly rewards for reaching goals to help guide you towards better fitness habits. Fitness sets a new challenge each month and rewards you with a new icon if you meet it.

What are activity goals and how do I change them?

You can set your own Activity goals. On iPhone, open the app in Summary view and tap the rings to get today’s data. Scroll down the page and tap Change Goals.

On Apple Watch, open the app and turn the Digital Crown to scroll down to find Change Goals. You can increase or decrease your goals by tapping Change Goals. Apple Watch automatically suggests goals based on your performance so far.

What are Activity rings in Fitness?

The fitness app tracks your daily workout achievements using three activity rings. The red circle tracks your movement measured in calories, the green circle tracks exercise, and the blue circle represents how many times you stand each day.

You need an Apple Watch to get the most out of the app, because without it, your iPhone can only display the motion ring. Its sensors cannot capture exercise and keep metrics afloat.

Tapping the Summary tab gives you deeper metrics, including heart rate, weather conditions during training, maps showing where you walked or ran, weekly summary data, and more.

How to watch a workout on iPhone or Apple Watch?

While you don’t need an Apple Watch to track your daily activity, set a movement goal, and see your progress, you do need an Apple Watch to track workouts precisely. Fitness can track any activity with an Apple Watch, from running to Pilates to swimming.

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you’ll need to download a third-party app to start tracking runs and other training sessions. The best include Strava, Nike Training Club, and Runkeeper, and data from these sessions can also be pulled into the Fitness app.

How to compete with friends

You can share fitness stats with friends and family to keep track of each other’s progress, and the real fun part is some competition. Tap Sharing in the Fitness app, then tap the small round icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to invite a friend who uses an iPhone/Apple Watch to share their data with you.

Once they accept, their activity statistics appear on the Sharing tab of both the watch and iPhone. If you wear an Apple Watch, you can send motivational messages from the watch to your friends while you exercise.

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