Jessie James Decker explains how she ignores those who embarrass her mom on social media

Jessie James Decker shared how she ignored online critics who made her feel ashamed of her mother.

In a recent interview, the singer discussed how she handles comments on social media about her three children — Vivianne (8), Eric Jr (7) and Forrest (4), whom she shares with her husband Eric Decker. TO! News. He stated that he does not allow online critics to influence what he shares on his accounts.

“I’m proud of my kids and I’m always a little shocked when I see a reaction. “I know I have a lot of eyes watching, but I don’t let that affect what I want to share.” “I’m going to live my life and not let the outside noise affect me.”

She talked about how she keeps her 34-year-old children away from the negative aspects of social media.

“There will be embarrassments but there is also a sense of community,” he said. TO! News. “Embrace the community, curb the hate and just follow your own instincts.”

Decker also shared her advice for women who feel ashamed of their mothers.

“Do whatever you want to do for yourself and your family,” he said. “You don’t owe anyone anything. You do what feels right, what feels comfortable, you’re the mother, and you’ll know what’s best. Always follow your instincts and don’t be pressured.”

The singer’s comments also came two months after she defended her kids against online trolls accusing them of arranging abs on their bodies.

He responded to the hate in the comments of his post at the time: “It’s a sad world we live in today when we have healthy-fit kids who are super active, play sports. [and] Building muscle is naturally ‘weird’.”

In another message to another parent, she commented: “From one mother to another. Please don’t call my kids weird looking just because they don’t look the way you think they do? This is rude.

The next day, he also posted an Instagram reel to address some of the backlash, stating that the rumors he’s seen in his kids about toning their abs were pretty “crazy”.

“We preach about body positivity and acceptance, but is it ‘strange’ that my kids have a large amount of genetics and built muscle from athletics,” the caption wrote. “Let’s not pick and choose what we normalize about bodies and accept all people and children.”

met in December Fox News He stressed about the backlash and not letting any of the online hate get to him.

“I don’t know if I thought about it too deeply,” Decker said. “It comes with the region. But I feel like what a wonderful mother I am and that I know my own truth.”

Decker stated that he preferred to laugh at the reactions and added: “We ignore the noise and we are proud of them. [their children]”

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