Kylie Jenner criticized for ‘disturbing’ her lion-head dress

schiaparelli haute couture kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner outside the Schiaparelli fashion show as part of Haute Couture Fashion Week on Monday. (Getty Images)

By now we’ve gotten used to celebs and their stylists taking the red carpet to showcase some of their most daring looks, but now we’re looking at some of them front rows. The weirdest outfits of the year so far, thanks to Kylie Jenner.

Preparing for the Schiaparelli Haute Couture fashion show in Paris on Monday, Jenner channeled all her great Lion energy as she was caught outside the Petit Palais museum with nothing more than a faux lion’s head with a fur mane.

Jenner, the guest of Daniel Roseberry, creative director of Schiaparelli, who joined the French house in 2019, paired her head with a strapless velvet lace maxi dress.

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner also shared this look on Instagram with her 379 million followers.

“BEAUTIFUL AND THE Ugly. Thank you @danielroseberry and @schiaparelli for such a special morning,” she gushed. “Wow, I love wearing this handmade faux art using man-made materials. Beautiful, beautiful.”

Haute Couture Fashion Week often offers show goers plenty of opportunities to raise the bar on style, but it looks like the guests have really put in their best efforts for the week’s first fashion show.

    Kylie Jenner attends Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 fashion show

Kylie Jenner donned the giant lion’s head at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 fashion show on Monday. (Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner attends Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 fashion show

Man-made or not, not all fans are happy with what the lion represents. (Getty Images)

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Elsewhere, Doja Cat wore a head-to-toe, embellished wool-covered outfit with red crystals and leather, and accessorized with the designer’s toe-shaped red leather boots.

Jenner’s stunning lion head was also showcased by model Irina Shayk, who wore an unusual accessory along with an asymmetrical one-shoulder maxi at the luxury brand’s fashion show.

This wasn’t the only lion-inspired outfit, as the Panthera theme, inspired by Dante’s “Hell” and the nine circles of hell, permeates Roseberry’s entire collection, according to the show notes – a metaphor for “doubt and creative torment” is the experience of all artists”.

Doja Cat spotted at Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture

Doja Cat attended the Haute Couture fashion show with an extraordinary beige jeweled red look. (Getty Images)

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According to Schiaparelli, the lifelike creations were built entirely by hand from foam resin and other man-made materials in a kind of “fake taxidermy”.

Roseberry captioned it, along with a few behind-the-scenes photos, on Instagram, capturing “3 animals carved by hand and crafted, celebrating the splendor of nature and protecting the woman who wears it.”

But fake or not, the stunning pieces received quite negative attention, with some social media users finding it difficult to appreciate the “disturbing” collection due to its visual parallel to trophy hunting.

“The message is false, albeit foamy,” wrote one user on Instagram, while another added, “This is extremely inappropriate, prop or not, this should never have been intended.”

“There are times when you just say no. This was one of them,” another user wrote on Jenner’s Instagram photo.

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schiaparelli haute couture kylie jenner lion

Models Naomi Campbell, Irina Shayk and Shalom Harlow wear man-made “faux taxidermy” at the Schiaparelli fashion show. (Getty Images)

“Wow. That’s disturbing on so many levels.” A third added, “This is disturbing, whether it’s real or not.”

Another user commented, “It gives a sense of hunting and cruelty to animals.”

Schiaparelli is known for her surrealism-inspired designs, from jewelery with facial features to gold feet as shoes, but perhaps this is a look that will never stand the test of time.

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