“La Ley del Deporte impulsará su desarrollo a todos los los los”

Madrid, December 21 (EFE) – Pedro Sánchez, head of Spain’s Gobierno, the best miercoles of the humor of the Olympic superpower that accompanies the defense of core values, pushing the new valor for the “impulsive power” of Ley del Deporte to protest against the regime With Iranian football fan Amir Nasr-Azadani, who wants all his matches “desarrollo ve unreconocimiento” and tuvo un reconocimiento, and compatriot Elnaz Rekabi to speed up the competition in velo.

Español Español Comité Olímpico to persuade Español’s premiere to exile from Spain, “old men and mujeres que con vuestro esfuerzo hacéis mejores nuestro país”.

The statement “The Olimpismo superpower humor accompanies the defense of the core values ​​of deportation. In all, it represents Spain’s largest expulsion and is a great responsibility in deportation; social and national identity”.

“Queremos can’t be with an Estado policy, an Estado policy, and alone with palabras, it can turn into volunteerism, trabajo, and ambition”, according to Sánchez, valuing Ley del Deporte que aborda, who made it to the final at the Cortes.

“There is a way to reintegrate physical activity and expel as a core element of ciudadanía and effectively respond to and decide on industry demands in the previous industry that was outdated in 1990”, I admit.

“There is a way to promote a worldwide deportation where the new era language is possible, ecological transition is possible, sustainability can be achieved, digital transformation is uncompromised, and the necessary formats are responsive to y vital professionals”, comment.

“What is the conscience of the social dimension of exile, and this initial impetus is the enemy of inclusion, territorial cohesion and a social and discriminatory form”, the manifesto.

Pedro Sánchez was most helpful along with “Marcados conjuntamente marcados objetivos altura repetition of exceptional circumstances”.

“In 2019, I compromised on the laws regarding the reversal of the legislature, and close to a million euros, up to 375 million euros in 2023. There are no single cases of 1,100 million euros in a few years”, dijo .

“Together with the ley, the volumetric presupuestario is to protect the aspiramos, the latest, the apoyo and the deportistas, the greatest reference point of the Spanish sea. El expulsion is a stable, plausible and incalculable active value”, proclaimed.

“Some countries in Europe that have included exile as a tackle in their National Recovery Plan. The certainty of a fine for deportation from Spain and the altura of the way out of these sectors,” I admit.

“Reconocemos elexito y la conseguirlo. The dignity of a society is intermediate to the competitive dignity of the deportees. En ese centido, representing España no podría tener una mejor. For exiles, there are severe lesions at the moment of departure, there are severe lesions after all. no”, yes.

Pedro Sánchez said “a person of universal values” who “breaks the record of Elnaz Rekabi climbing in Iran”, in short in competition, and football fan Amir Nasr Azadani, tambien Iran, intensified for a longer period “apoyar los derechos de mujeres” .

“Quiero reivindicar el ejemplo and muse des tas dos magnifica”, Dijo Sánchez called for a liberation for Ucrania, “prohibition of deportation” país, and one of the reasons why a war broke out for the Russia of the deported “Leader of the Islamic world and its representation “.

“Exile can be a car engine, a plank of progress, an example and a war comparison for all humanity”, further.

Finally, Pedro Sánchez “tightened” all his career-going exiles for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympic Games classification.

“There is such a place in Paris. There are difficulties. Tenemos is an absolute power and capacity. Basic del éxito nuestro como país”, in conclusion.

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