La Revancha de Hermoso

Majadahonda (Madrid), 24 ene (EFE).- “Mario Hermoso, the greatest moment ever in a central jugando, he has a lot of jerarquía and capacity for gaming equipment”, Diego Simeone, Atletico’s representative in Madrid, in the derby, football fan madrileño faced rebirth and vengeance he was utterly uninterested in the last duel before Real Madrid.

September 18, 2022, selection against blanco conjuncture in the first match in LaLiga Santander and Metropolitano, 2-0 on the counter in the 71st minute of the match, Atletico’s goal is marcó and atletico match is over. At the moments of the finals, focus all your time as soon as possible, go to the match before the match ends, after participation, after the elections, focus on the following records.

Entering November 12, a continuation of a party, one of the best possible parties for Diego Simeone, from the start of Almazán before the Qatar 2022 World Paron, since the start of the Spanish King’s Cup, bronze Fight alone, Campeones at the Metropolitano stadium A 2-2 counterattack against Bayer Leverkusen in the 1st League overshadowed Descanso with a 1-2 partial match. The duel ended 2-2. Fue eliminated the profitable conjuncture of maximum competition on the continent.

Antes, fue suplente invariably, sin un solo minuto sobre el terreno de juego, en seis encuentros consecutivos (2-0 against Brujas, 1-1 matches with Rayo Vallecano and 0-0 matches with the winners) 1-2 against Betis, 0-1 against Athletic Club and 2-1 against Girona.

Other matches are over: compromises were made against Cadiz (3-2), Porto (2-1) and Mallorca (1-0) and the pre-Espanyol team (1-1). Nothing.

Ya hora lo juega todo. When it was possible to duel against Barcelona for expulsion before Elche, at a very opportune time, he came as the title, and all this as the central izquierdo. Back-to-back wins in victories with Arenteiro (1-3), Elche (2-0), Oviedo (0-2), Levante (0-2) and Valladolid (3-0). Lost 1-1 against Almeria.

Junto a Giménez y Savic, in Axel Witsel’s Cinco Zaga, any holiday of Uruguay or Montenegro, Simeone’s biggest trust center Hermoso has taken the decision-making puesto with the biggest serenidad. The core of the fue camp in La Liga in 2020-21, as part of the cinco defense that brought Argentine techniques to the crucial climax of the football title.

This can be solitary and moderate. Madrid Central in Madrid, 27 years old, contrato against Atlético 2024, once best place: 72 options available in patient ahora, enter camp 2021-22 and round trip rally 47 debates, 39 titles (54 years old) and 25 Completed.

In 2020-21, I finished camp at 44 out of 34. 77 years old. You are usable right in the middle of the world. Un cien por cien.

“Es el entrepreneur is valuable to enjoy the view. Latest situations and moments, in your earliest times, greatest happiness and greatest happiness”, to the past years, cuando fue title, marcó un gol y Valladolid, a remarkable event completed.

“The important thing is es seguir creciendo y siempre tener mainly ganas y mentalidad de querer superarse y querer seguir haciendo cosas en un club muy important money for me. Tenemos very cosas en juego por delante tanto a nivel co. in a rush, as a football fan and ganado nunca faced ganado: with parties, clubs and teams in Atlético and Espanyol.

Inaki Dufour

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