Layering doesn’t just keep you warm, it can make your outfit a “look”

Are you three tier? Trust me, you should be. It’s not just a trend – it’s a lifesaver. Triple layers are the perfect formula for winter dressing. Three layers are warmer than two and more comfortable than one. Casual but civilized. He is talented without being crazy.

Wearing three layers instead of two elevates an outfit from a casual look to a “look”. A shirt under a blazer is unremarkable; A knit preppy chic with a V-neck underneath a shirt and a blazer. A long-sleeved T-shirt (shirt jacket, come on) under an open shawl; On the other hand, add a fine-knit polo collar under the tee and shawl and you’re suddenly dressed for a cute romantic comedy date over hot chocolate.

The three layers have been with us for years, out of sight. But while a thermal vest hidden under your shirt and sweater is technically three-ply, it’s not a fashion move. All three elements of your look need to be visible, and the trick to doing this is to make one of the three elements sleeveless. The three arms are just too loose and give you awkward lumpy elbows like a scarecrow. It’s not comfortable—ugh, just thinking about the stuffed sausage feeling makes me cranky—and the layers just can’t slide over each other.

It’s your torso that really matters when it comes to keeping warm, so it makes sense to have more layers there than your limbs. To make three, as it were, the colors need to work. Stick to classic contrasts (red, white and blue always work) or switch to hues with three pale neutrals, for example.

If you like to wear a blouse or shirt with pants under a blazer, a V-neck is best.

The best options for the sleeveless layer are a knit tank top or a padded gilet. So it’s either a sweater with no sleeves or a puffer jacket without sleeves. The padded gilet is suitable for streetwear and wardrobes; A knit vest is just right if you tend to dress tailoring and dress.

The Athlete is a great third wheel and there are some beautiful Fair Isle styles on Etsy. The neckline depends on what passes under it. A V-neck is best if you like to wear pants under a blouse or shirt and blazer. If you’re more of a t-shirt lover, a crew neck is best that you can wear over a long-sleeved tee.

The sleeveless knit is also coming into its own in the light, baggy, possibly printed dresses with long and possibly puffy sleeves that we’ve all been wearing a lot over the past few summers. I tried wearing thick sweaters, thinking it would look romantic—like I was going for an emotional walk—but it looked like I was wearing something to throw the trash over my nightgown. The sleeveless knit shows off the sleeves and turns the dress back into the dress so it looks classy again.

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The inflatable gilet is for more types of streetwear, and Weekday has good and affordable models. A sleeveless padded jacket can look a bit “basic” when worn right over a sweater, for example—a mail-order 1980s touch, if you know what I mean. But it’s a pleasure to wear, adds a warm feel without being heavy and is ideal as one of three coats. Start with a knit polo collar, add a denim or khaki light jacket, then pull the gilet over the top. Or wear a t-shirt under the contrasting half-zip and then add the gilet.

To see? Just like that, you’d probably be taken from the Littlewoods catalog to a J Crew shoot in Brooklyn. I told you the magic number is three.

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