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The ultimatum is pinned on John Textor to open a sell-over club. OL Board of State Councils, board statement, this decision is a decision in a suite in the air.

The OL airing at Eagle Football, the John Textor community, a circle, reunion, and multiple reports left youth. Elle pourrait finalement se conclure officiellement un 8 decembre, jour de la fête des Lumières à Lyon, ce qui n’est qu’un symbole: pas sûr que grand-monde y voie plus clair quand OL Group statement, tout à l’heure , A decision award in the Council of State.

Australian Pound : Rachat de l’OL par Textor receives avant ultimatum from plans B

In a 22 hour party, after the women’s win in the Champions League (4-0) in Zurich, the principles of action matches can be used to decide the amount of suits in the home club donner d’affaires american. After avoiding jail time, validation of the second round of the table provides plus halves, which removes the obstacle that is a hurdle every day. Strictly guaranteed jobs to ensure that the pieces (40%) owned in Crystal Palace are integrated in the capital city of Eagle. Partners between English clubs (Parish, Harris and Blitzer), the closest relations in Rafaichies, oreille and Premier League ne l’entendaient pas de cette oreille and ne souhaitait donc pas fournir au Eagle l’autorization required.

L’OL is a cash coinAvant la reunion fatidique are the actors of the dossiers that, in an economically difficult context, would be the most likely to make John Textor’s rerun of L’OL valid. Most influential, through the Holnest (28%) holding family, such as l’Américain, Pathé (19%), IDG (20%) and Jean-Michel Aulas, doivent absolument vendre vite, and Textor.

The last offer (mean 800 M€, including repayments), the 3 euro transaction, the more profitable transaction (transaction était à 2.18 € more). Different assemblies of financiers take place in real time, with regard to the latest developments, badly handling the blockade of the palace.

Australian Pound : L’OL toujours dans l’attente

Ultimately, an absolute more effective than cash and Textor needs to get 86M€ into the injector right away. If the relationship is a company equivalent to capote, en revanche, le club devrait prochainement, the most important business, this also encourages the financiers. Without Surtout Champions League.

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