Man found stolen iPhone 6,000 miles away

    (Ketan Aggarwal / SWNS)

(Ketan Aggarwal / SWNS)

A man who had his iPhone stolen tracked it as it was “fenced” as far as 9,000 kilometers in China.

Ketan Aggarwal, 36, was talking to the iPhone 14 Pro, worth around £1,000, when it was snatched from his hand in Farringdon, central London.

He chased, but the thief quickly disappeared on the bike, hollowing out the telecom analyst.

Ketan from Ealing, west London, then decided to trace his phone and watched it leave the capital and travel the world.

He believes the phone fell apart when it arrived in Shenzhen, China.

Ketan said, “When your phone is stolen, naturally, the first thing you do is look at Find my iPhone.

“Whoever robbed it was unable to unlock it to disable the tracker – so over the next few days I saw it roaming all over London.”

Ketan’s phone was first moved from Farringdon to Russell Square.

It was then taken to Edgware – via Lewisham – before disappearing from the audience.

But days later, it reappeared, this time in Shenzhen, China, about 9,000 kilometers from Farringdon.

“The exact location was Huafa South Road in Shenzhen. And after some research, I discovered that I wasn’t the only one whose phone was ringing.”

Ketan canceled his insurance policy a few months before the incident – after holding it in place for four years.

This means he will pay for a new phone – whereas he believes his own phone has been sold and taken apart.

Now Ketan wants to raise awareness of phone theft in the capital and urges others to be careful when using their devices in London.

    (Ketan Aggarwal / SWNS)

(Ketan Aggarwal / SWNS)

He claimed: “Phone theft is a big problem in London – but the police don’t seem to be doing much about it.

“Mine was stolen from me, and after I followed it to China, I actually got an idea of ​​what would happen next.

“I think the parts were used to make these Frankenstein phones – cell phones made using parts from several different models.

“My case proves that you can no longer be on your phone in London. I want to raise awareness about such crimes and the extent to which they occur.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called by a man in his 30s after his phone was taken from him around the Shoe Lane EC4 at 7:18 p.m. on Dec. 28.

“Officers came to the victim’s home address to speak with him later that evening.

“No Arrested”

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