Marjorie Taylor Greene spearheaded an anti-trans rally outside of Congress and only a dozen people showed up

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene continued her long history of attacks on LGTBQ+ people by appearing at a meeting this week. rally at the Capitol featuring a number of anti-trans activists. However, the event doesn’t seem to have garnered a huge turnout, drawing a crowd of about a dozen people.

On Wednesday, the Georgian Republican attended a rally featuring figures like activist Chloe Cole, who became a right-wing star after she gave up the transition, and Tiffany Justice of Moms for Liberty, a group that organizes gender opposition to mask imperatives. education in public schools and critical race theory.

They carried banners with anti-LGBTQ+ slogans such as “Gender ideology does not belong in schools” and “There are TWO genders: MEN and WOMEN ‘Trust the Science!’”.

The Heritage Foundation, another contributor, He wrote about the incident on Twitter. “It was a group of people calling out policies that force minors to have access to puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment surgeries.

There is no federal policy that “forces” LGTBQ+ children to receive gender-affirming healthcare, a branch of medicine. Approved by most major American medical organizations.

A spokesperson for Ms. Greene’s office said the event was “not a rally” and that those implied were spreading “fake news”.

“It was a spontaneous gathering of men and women fighting to end the horror of child circumcision,” the spokesperson said.

Ms. Greene has a long record of attacks on LGBTQ+ people.

Repeating the QAnon rhetoric last year, he blamed the Democratic Party being the “side of child abuse” and “the side that grooms children” and “the side of child circumcision”.

In the same year, he repeated a false claim The right-wing message board circulated on 4chan that the Uvalde gunman was transgender, making it weird claiming that the tampon shortage is caused by trans men.

The Georgian Republican has made it clear that he feels “threatened” by trans people.

“As a woman, I feel threatened because biological men are aggressively replacing women” tweeted In March, in response to a post by conservative activist Charlie Kirk, which has since been deleted by Twitter for violating its terms and conditions.

This hostility towards trans and LGTBQ+ has had its effect at the legislative level as well.

Miss Greene in 2021 Hang a record outside the Capitol office with the pretense“There are TWO genders: MALE AND FEMALE ‘Trust the Science!’” is a clear insult to her neighbor Marie Newman, who was a congresswoman at the time, who raised a trans flag in her daughter’s honor.

The gesture comes as Congress considers the Equality Act, which seeks to regulate federal resolutions that discrimination against LGBTQ+ people is illegal under current law.

Mrs Greene went against the law. to claim sought to “destroy women’s rights and religious freedoms”.

Like Independent Persistent right-wing rhetoric against LGTBQ+ people has led to real violence and threats on the ground, he reported.

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