Matt Hancock Is Shutting Down His Beloved App – But Don’t Worry, He’s Just Moving To TikTok

Matt Hancock looks like he's trying to shift his career to influence

Matt Hancock looks like he’s trying to shift his career to influence

Matt Hancock looks like he’s trying to shift his career to influence

Matt Hancock (app, not MP) shuts down while Matt Hancock (MP, not app) encourages fans to go with him TikTok.

Yes, oddly enough, the Matt Hancock app – which is some get excitedThe confusion and joy at Westminster at the time of its release in February 2018 – it will be shut down and devastate its loyal fanbase.

She was the culture secretary at launch, and the app was intended to inform and update West Suffolk voters while promoting “healthy, open and impartial discussion within its community.”

At the time, the Conservatives were heavily criticized for their lackluster attempts to take over social media. This issue was later taken up by former culture secretary Nadine Dorries and then Prime Minister Boris Johnson on TikTok – but these provided more fodder for online critics.

Writing on his self-titled app Tuesday night, Hancock broke the news to his Hancock friends: “LAST MINUTE….

“After almost five wonderfully entertaining years, it’s time to say goodbye to the ‘iconic’ Matt Hancock App – a platform that secures many exclusive features, including my support. Rishi Altar for PM.

“Do not be afraid, although the news will be a blow for those who cannot remember the life before the application….

“For those wondering where they can get my latest updates, I’ll keep you posted on TikTok.

“Follow me here: @matthanock

“Thanks for the memories and see you soon.

″#allgoodthingsmustcometo(must end).

A wave of comments followed under his post, and some captions: “MATT THE APP IS I HAVE” and “Matt, you made me cry”.

In terms of context, the types of posts people would normally share on the app were:

The MP for West Suffolk has been trying to reinvent herself lately, more than a year after she stepped down as health minister. Pandemic Due to its own violation of Covid social distancing measures.

Despite his support for Sunak during the Tory leadership race, Hancock was unable to secure a new government job when the island took the 10th place spot last fall.

He later appeared on ITVs. I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, this meant that he immediately lost his Tory whip and faced backlash for not prioritizing his constituents.

Hancock finished third in the contest, then announced in December that he would not be an MP at the next election.

It’s unclear what he plans to do next, but he’s using TikTok in the midst of his promise to find new ways to “reach people.” For example, he recently posted a video in which he joked about his time crying on live TV during the pandemic.

Hancock sought a job as a UN special envoy to help recover from Covid in Africa in October 2021, but the UN withdrew the offer days later.


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