Merino and Gorosabel not legal in the party before Real Madrid

San Sebastián, 19 en (EFE).- La Real Sociedad confirmed the defeats of Mikel Merino and Andoni Gorosabel hard in the Vallecas sea, but were not legal in the party before the first half of Real Madrid’s 29th season. Along with Txuriurdin’s entrenador, Imanol Alguacil became one of the greatest of the center campers for three seasons.

“El Bernabéu no llega ni uno ni otro. Gorosabel vamos a ver cómo evoluciona porque es un tobillo ya deñado ya Merinos en tres semanas no lo tenemos” secured the preparer in the prince’s rueda.

Real también screened Mohamed-Ali Cho, entered the meetings before Mallorca without a minute of discussion, and a comrade was not allowed into the leaked company.

Tampoco rejuvenated David Silva and Alexander Sorloth and entered the oriotarra for fear that “we wouldn’t be able to act”.

Alguacil preferred not to cry, as the lesions had accumulated. “Ante las Lesles, minutos que tienen menos oportunidades. Si estoy diciendo que straw plantilla and ancima tenemos el son…”, commented on ha.

Pablo Marín, Ander Martín, Urko González de Zárate, Jon Magunazelaia and Jon Ander Olasagasti attended the session in full, with the technical development team attending the meeting before Rayo Vallecano. “Lo hemos hecho así toda la vida ya ahora no va a ser exepcional”, confirmed.

Paying homage to a water competitor at Sabado, he said, it’s “equipment where Andoni has a lot of competition and greater competition in Vallecas.” “Ya sabéis que is que is que nos questa una barbaridad, así que vamos que que que uestra uestra mejor sion to s mejor lid to que venimos haciendo”, manifesto.

Del Rayo was the ultimate criminal who “could cause considerable physical despair and a barbarism”. “It has tremendous potential. nos va a exigir too”, ha advertido.

We don’t have our biggest rivals for the biggest victory race where the markets win in the eight trios after Mallorca.

“Hemos logrado ocho y queremos que sean nueve, sabiendo que no va a ser fácil. Pero ninguna de las ocho anteriores era facil y logogramos ganar”, ha recordado Alguacil, cuya receta to seguir venciendo pasa por “jugar bien para” general ” ” and “you can choose from the most options”.

You’ve recently pre-set some of your choices for the most impressive King’s Cup standings, where Betis isn’t in the best shape.

“Ultimos años viendo los últimos años, seguramente es una muy buena noticia (la ausencia de los sevillanos)”, ha dicho sonriendo. Apostillado said that “Betis is not something that needs to be this hard.”

Much of the choice of other equipment for Alguacil is important as a “plus” as a real touch to “play at home”.

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