Mikel Arteta strains his brain while ‘trying to understand’ away derby’s lack of wins

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta admits he’s trying to understand why there have been so few away wins in the recent history of the North London derby.

Premier League leaders head to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday afternoon to claim their neighbors’ first win at their new home.

It’s a similar story for the Spurs, who have not won a league match at Emirates Stadium since 2010.

The last six matches between opponents have been won by the home team, including Arsenal’s 3-1 win on 1 October.

Arsenal top Premier League after first half of season

Arsenal are at the top of the Premier League after the first half of the season (Adam Davy/PA)

Arteta’s team made a short trip to the N17, losing only once in the league this season, and the Spaniard have revealed that they are looking for ways to keep that record solid at the Spurs.

When asked why there were so few away wins in the North London derby, he said, “There is definitely something.”

“The atmosphere has an input and it affects the game in some way. I’ve had a few over the last few days trying to figure out why this is happening.

“It’s hard to come to some conclusions, but the atmosphere is important.”

When asked why this isn’t the case in other derby matches like the Merseyside or Manchester meetings, Arteta seemed to suggest that the fact that Arsenal and Tottenham are often close together at the table is more intriguing.

“You have to see where both teams are at that moment.”

The Spurs won 3-0 the last time they hosted Arsenal in May, and that result went a long way towards Antonio Conte’s side leading Arteta’s men to the final spot in the Champions League.

Rob Holding was dismissed after Arsenal lost their composure in the first half and were easily defeated and Arteta complained about the referee’s performance.

But now, as his role as manager of the youngest team in the division continues to evolve, he believes his team is up for such a challenge.

“They’re definitely more mature,” he said of his players.

Rob Holding was dismissed in the early hours of the game between Tottenham and Arsenal last season.

Rob Holding was dismissed early in the game between Tottenham and Arsenal last season (John Walton/PA)

“I think the demands have changed as well. I think my role and the things they want from me are different now.

“That’s why we always have to improve and try to stay ahead of what’s to come, so we can give the players and the rest of the team something that will make everything run smoothly, be more efficient and win more games.” .

“In the end, it’s about the people around you. It’s a journey and I think with many people I chose to say yes to this journey, it’s worth it.

“There is some suffering, there are some good moments, but there is also a lot to learn. There is a lot to remember on this road.

“I feel very grateful and very lucky to be in the position I am in. There are difficult moments, there are.

“And you have to take the bullets and know that they come with your work.

“We’re winning more games, that’s the most important thing. That’s what changes everything and I think we’re playing better.

“I think we deserve to win the games we’ve won, and that’s probably the most important thing.”

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