Minister says major cycling event will have a lasting legacy in Scotland

Home to the world’s largest cycling event, Glasgow will have a lasting legacy for Scotland, Culture Minister Angus Robertson said.

More than 2,000 elite cyclists and para-cyclists from over 100 countries are expected to take part in this summer’s UCI World Cycling Championship – which could bring a million spectators to Scotland.

Mr Robertson said the event will stimulate tourism and benefit the economy.

He added that ministers also want to use the “first of its kind” event to inspire Scots to get up and start cycling, help “more people reap the mental and physical health benefits” and encourage active travel. and reducing emissions.

The tournament will mark the first time in the sport that 13 world championships have been held together in one place.

Running from 3-13 August, the competition will host events held in Glasgow as well as Scotland, with riders competing for more than 190 coveted rainbow jerseys.

Events will range from track sprints and mountain bike downhill races to BMX freestyle competitions and indoor cycling acrobatics.

The Scottish Government is working with UCI, Glasgow City Council, UK Sport, British Cycling, Glasgow Life and VisitScotland to organize the event.

Mr Robertson said: “The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championship will be more than just an event – it will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the power of cycling and promote Scotland globally, with over a million spectators expected to come and watch it.

“As well as boosting tourism and supporting Scotland’s economy, this major and first-of-its-kind world event can have a lasting legacy.

“Through the £1m Community Cycling Fund, we are already supporting sustainable cycling projects and local events to ensure that many communities across Scotland are involved.

“We want to inspire a new generation to cycle by helping more people enjoy the mental and physical health benefits, as well as by promoting active travel and helping to reduce travel emissions.”

With Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2014, Mr Robertson continued: “The fact that UCI chose Glasgow and Scotland to host this inaugural event reflects our proud history and expertise in organizing world-class major events.

“This will be a must-see moment on the 2023 calendar, bringing together athletes and spectators from around the world for the first time, bringing together multiple cycling disciplines.”

Trudy Lindblade, CEO of the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, said: “We want to deliver the most vibrant and inspiring event for everyone in Scotland and across, and get more people to cycle more often, increasing participation of all kinds.

“The main focus for the champions will be promoting the benefits of cycling to a younger and more diverse audience, including women, children and youth at the center of the event.

“Scotland is truly the perfect place to cycle, from bustling towns and cities to beautiful coastlines.

“We want to ensure that Scotland is a cycling to-do list destination, and we will work closely with VisitScotland and our partners to promote bike tourism options such as bike-friendly hotels, advocate safe places to cycle, and promote legacy investments in responsible tourism.”

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