Mom ‘regrets’ husband’s choice of name for son and feels ‘weird’ every time she says it

A mother regrets the name her husband has chosen for her son and feels “weird” every time she says it out loud.

The woman says she agreed to name her three-year-old son Cillian after she and her husband couldn’t agree on a name.

He admits that he regretted the name for a year after his birth, but never dared to change himself.

The woman says that every time she introduces her son, she feels awkward saying his name and is upset that she didn’t use one of her favorite names for her child.

Speaking anonymously on the parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman said: “We couldn’t agree on names and I agreed on my husband’s favourite, right after the C-section.

“The year after I was born, I regretted it a lot, but I never dared to change myself.

“I think my husband would have let me change it if he knew I was still going to suffer for it three years later.”

She continued: “I love names and have been thinking about them since I was a young girl, so not being able to use my favorite names really hit me.

“Every time I introduce him, I feel awkward saying his name and regret not being able to introduce a name I love.

“I love my little boy very much and feel very guilty about it.”

Other parents jumped in to reassure the mother with advice and their love for the name Cillian.

Every time I introduce him, I regret not being able to introduce a name I love.

Someone said: “It’s a perfectly normal name, so there’s no reason to feel guilty about it.

“When you introduce him to people, they won’t think ‘WTF that’s the name’, it’s just his name.

“It may not be your personal preference, but there’s nothing extreme or ugly about it.

“If you gave it a random name like ‘dog,’ that would be different, but if you gave it a normal name, that’s fine.”

The woman, whose name has not been released, continued to explain that she used the nickname ‘Cilli’.

“We always call her Cilli and it suits her because she’s small and cute,” she said.

“But I worry about how it will be shortened or played (kill or not killed) in school.

“He’s so shy, I wish he was called something simple.

“His middle names are family names – he could choose to use one of them if he wanted to, but it would be very strange to change it now.

“My husband is Irish and I love that his name is Irish whenever we go to Ireland.”

Many users commented to say they ‘loved’ the name choice and are grateful for the mother’s support for the nickname.

“It’s so helpful when people say they love it, thank you,” she added.

One fan said, “I think it’s beautiful. Not very common (in the UK) but not entirely out there/unusual either.

“I wouldn’t worry about the ‘kill’ sound and I wouldn’t have thought of it if I had heard/recognized his name.”

Another added: “A friend’s younger son is named Cillian and I love his name.

“I’ve noticed that it’s been popping up more and more lately, so it probably won’t be such an uncommon name when your son goes to school.”

One user shares his frustration that the mother couldn’t use her favorite name for her children.

They said: “I expect a lot of people to feel the same way as you when they don’t use their favorite names, because most people have to compromise on something they both agree on.

“If it helps, I was also disappointed that I didn’t use my favorite names, so I gave my dog ​​one of those and I really like being able to say his name a lot now, even if it’s a dog and a bit of a human. So, there’s a choice for you.

“Cillian is such a beautiful name.”

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