More Obama-era documents reportedly found at a Biden-linked location

Lawyers for President Joe Biden have reportedly found another set of government records dating back to the Obama administration at a second location affiliated with the president, multiple sources reported.

NBC News on Wednesday was the first to report that Mr. Biden’s legal team found at least one document bearing classification marks at a location where the president’s lawyers were looking. CNN later reported that the discovery was made during follow-up searches after nearly a dozen documents were found from Mr.

According to the television network, the follow-up search led his lawyers to find “additional documents of interest to federal officials investigating the matter” from the initial document finding.

The report that more Obama-era records were found at a location linked to the president came just after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to provide reporters with details about the discovery of classified documents in a Washington DC think tank office. previously used by President Joe Biden.

Ms. Jean-Pierre spent much of her daily press briefing on Wednesday answering questions from journalists. Biden was given a post as part of the honorary professorship he held from 2018 to 2020.

“What I can tell you right now is what the President told you all, so he was surprised. He absolutely, really respects the process here. He also takes classified documents very seriously when it comes to classification,” he said. and also with the information shared by my White House Counselor colleagues.”

The documents were found by Mr Biden’s personal lawyers, who collected the contents of an office assigned to Mr. Biden at the University of Pennsylvania on Nov. — the affiliate think tank suite in northwest Washington that the then former vice president used “periodically” from 2017 until he announced his 2020 presidential campaign.

Sauber said Biden’s lawyers reported the discovery to the National Archives, and archivists retrieved the documents the next day.

“The discovery of these documents was made by the President’s lawyers. The documents were not the subject of any previous request or investigation by the Archives. Since this discovery, the President’s personal attorneys have collaborated with the Archives and the Department of Justice to ensure that all Obama-Biden Administration records are properly owned by the Archives.”

Jean-Pierre said he had not spoken to Mr. Biden about the contents of the documents, stressing to reporters that the Justice Department was continuing to “examine” the documents and how they got to Biden’s former office, referring to questions. About whether the White House is seeking a security or damage assessment from the U.S. Intelligence Community to the Office of National Intelligence.

“He’s literally under scrutiny right now… as I speak to you, he’s under scrutiny. So I won’t go beyond the process. I won’t go beyond what the President has said.” you all have it. I just won’t go beyond that”.

Republicans have attacked Mr. Biden over the discovery of apparently classified documents in his former office and accused Mr. Biden of hypocrisy, which the Justice Department is currently conducting a criminal investigation against his predecessor, Donald Trump, stemming from Mr. Trump’s hoarding. Hundreds of top-secret records at a Palm Beach beach club in Florida, and the alleged illegal possession of these documents, despite the Justice Department’s objections.

Former vice president Mike Pence, who is considering running for the presidency in 2024 against Mr. Biden, said on a right-wing radio talk show Tuesday that the report of documents found at the Penn Biden Center was “incredibly frustrating” and “evidence of a double standard”. It refers to the FBI’s search of Mr Trump’s home and office on August 8 last year.

Mr. Pence described the court-authorized search as a “massive cross-border search,” and the FBI now searched Mr. Biden’s homes, despite the fact that Mr. suggested that it should. That he returned the documents he had ordered personally brought to his Florida estate before his term expired.

“What they’ve released now threatens to come back to them,” he said.

Pressing Mr. Pence’s remarks, Ms Jean-Pierre told reporters that the president’s legal team was “doing the right thing”, drawing attention to the difference between what Mr. Biden’s lawyers did and Mr. Trump’s refusal to return the documents he was holding.

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