Mum’s misshapen heart tattoo “looks like Olaf” removed during skin removal surgery after she lost 10

One mom said it was a “lucky bonus” to have a misshapen tattoo “similar to Frozen’s Olaf” removed during dramatic 5-pound skin removal surgery after she lost a staggering 10.

Morgan Woodruff, 33, gained weight thanks to ‘comfort eating’ due to his poor mental health and tipped the scale at 21.5.

After eating up to 5,000 calories a day, including McDonald’s and pizza every night, XXXL struggled to tuck into his clothes.

Her separation from her husband and a cruel word from a friend at the time kicked off her body transformation and she lost 10.2 pounds in a little over a year.

The waiter admits he didn’t realize how much progress he had made until the final step—removing 5lbs of extra skin—and he’s now in 9th place.

She can easily wear a slim XS size and sometimes even shop at the kids’ aisle.

As an unexpected “bonus”, a misshapen heart tattoo on her hip was on a section of skin she had removed.

It was made in memory of his late father, but “stretched” as his body changed shape, and his daughter said it “looked like Olaf’s arm from Frozen”—not a heart and peace sign.

Morgan of Weston, Wisconsin, USA, said: “I used food to deal with my sanity – I ate anything sweet and easily accessible.

“I was eating up to 5,000 calories a day of junk food – processed foods, constant snacks and soda. No fresh baking at all.

“I lost my father in my 20s, fell apart and divorced forever with my childhood friends – and when I turned 30 I realized that if nobody loves me, I have to love myself.

“This time last year, I hit my weight loss milestone a little over 10, but I didn’t see what I had accomplished until I had skin lift surgery.

“I’m very proud now – it took a long time to get there but I chose myself and realized that I can do anything.”

“I loved the memory of the tattoo, but I didn’t like the tattoo itself – it was completely misshapen and tense.

“My daughter used to tell me it looked like Olaf’s arm from Frozen.

“I didn’t plan to have the tattoo removed – but it was a lucky bonus.”

Morgan was in super form and did ballet every day, but stopped when she moved from her then-boyfriend hometown of Minocqua, Wisconsin to Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA.

He started a college course but was struggling with several undiagnosed mental health conditions at the time, which he said resulted in him dropping out of school.

He has amassed his 10th pound in two years.

“I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t dance anymore, I didn’t have a job or a hobby.

“I was so overweight that I didn’t do anything really interesting.”

His favorite meal would be McDonalds if he was eating out, and pizza in the oven if he was eating at home.

She had a daughter in August 2013 and got married three years later.

He said his “self-harming” behavior had worsened dramatically after the death of his beloved father, Woody Woodruff, 58, in September 2014.

He said: “I was in total denial, I was in a downward spiral.

“He raised me by himself, so I felt my life stall for a few more years after that.”

She tried “every fashion diet” and her weight was constantly fluctuating but was always getting it back.

When he turned 30, something changed and Morgan vowed to change his life.

He remembered his friend at the time saying to him during an argument: “You’re so fat, what’s wrong with you? You let go, aren’t you ashamed?”

Around the same time, at the start of the epidemic, she said she had also separated from her husband and planted a group of friends who did not support her.

“I realized I wasn’t there for myself. If no one loved me, I had to love myself,” she said.

Separated but still living with her husband, she built a small workout area in the basement and started working three days a week.

She ate healthier and quit most of her fast food habits, learning to cook for herself.

Also, after being officially diagnosed with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder, she finally decided to seek appropriate mental health treatment.

“I chose myself because I had to,” said Morgan, mother of nine-year-old Nora.

He stuck to his exercise routine and ate 1,700 calories a day.

She had lost 10 in January 2022, but she said her excess skin was preventing her from seeing her full transformation.

In March 2022, he had skin removal surgery on his stomach, called a 360-degree panniculectomy, where surgeons cut 5 pounds of skin off his stomach and back.

The blue tattoo he once loved so much went with him.

“I now have a new partner and have shared custody of my daughter with my ex-husband.

“We weren’t compatible as spouses, but we are wonderful parents and good friends.

“My weight loss was for me – I made a conscious decision for myself and pursued it for myself and my daughter.

“Some days I struggled and I still do, but I believe in myself.

“I needed to know that my daughter wouldn’t look at me and think it’s okay to be unhealthy.

“Now I can say it’s true and I’m teaching my daughter my healthy habits.”

Diet before –

Breakfast – Two hot dog McGriddles, two hash browns, a hot dog burrito, coffee with cream and sugar, and an orange juice. All from McDonalds.

Lunch – Double cheeseburger (sometimes triple), large fries, milkshake, soda. Or if you’re eating at home, pizza, Dairylea Lunch, fruit rolls, ice cream.

Dinner – Fried chicken, pizza, or salad served with a multi-course Chinese meal.

Snacks – Candy, cookies, ice cream at night.

Then diet –

Breakfast – Chocolate chip protein waffles with whipped cream. Or oats with protein powder. All low-calorie, high-protein.

Lunch – Low-calorie deep-fried pizza or low-carb chicken wraps.

Dinner – Easy quick meals such as slow cookers, low cost but highly nutritious. Spicy roast beef or BBQ chicken sandwich with vegetables. Or homemade tacos—each taco is less than 50 calories—six at 300 cal. Topped with cilantro, lime, and onions.

Snacks – Still ice cream but Halo Ball ice cream – half a box only 150 calories.

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