Netflix offers up to $385,000 for private jet flight attendant role

Streaming company hires a flight attendant for its Super Midsize Jet (ES Composite)

Streaming company hires a flight attendant for its Super Midsize Jet (ES Composite)

Netflix is ​​hiring a private jet flight attendant with a maximum salary of $385,000 (£312,273).

Advertised online by the streaming service, the role will be based in San Jose, California, close to Netflix’s headquarters in Los Gatos.

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate “the common sense and superior customer service skills necessary to ensure a seamless experience” for passengers.

The officer will also need to work with “little direction and too much self-motivation”.

Work includes domestic and international travel, which “usually requires weekends and holidays and long travel times.”

The employee will be the primary flight attendant on a Super Medium Jet and his duties will include supervising cabin, gallery and cockpit emergency equipment and executing security and emergency procedures. They were also expected to stock the aircraft.

According to private jet charter group IBC Aviation, Super Midsize Jets offer seven to nine seats and can travel up to 6,200 kilometers, or five to six hours, depending on the number of passengers on board.

Netflix said the overall market range for the role is typically $60,000 (GBP 48,666) to $385,000, based on base salary-only versus total pay, which is “in line with our compensation philosophy.”

The billion-dollar company said it considers “a wide variety of compensation factors” to determine candidates’ “personal top of the market.”

“We rely on market indicators to determine compensation, and to get it right we take into account your specific job family, background, skills and experience. These considerations may cause your compensation to vary and will also depend on your location.”

Last year, Netflix laid off 150 employees, mostly in the US, after slowing revenues and falling subscriber numbers. The cuts were equal to 2 percent of the nation’s workforce.

The company said “slowing revenue growth” means it should also slow cost growth.

In April 2022, Netflix’s stock price dropped 30 percent, dropping $47 billion (£38 billion) from the company’s value after it announced the first drop in subscriber numbers in a decade.

Netflix lost 200,000 customers in the first three months of the year, while competitors like Disney experienced strong growth.

The company announced that it is planning an ad-funded version of its platform to try and revive its subscriber base. Upon the announcement of the drop in subscriber numbers, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said he was “opposing the complexity of advertising” but that the move would give consumers more choice.

As of December, Netflix had an estimated 11,300 full-time employees.

On Thursday, the company is scheduled to announce its earnings for the last three months of 2022.

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