New waves in California dressed by powerful people

In the past weeks (14), it has caused massive flooding in or around California, outside of the United States, after breaking records for up to 19.

He made impressions on people – and nevascas in the mountainous areas – a large number of fields, cujos solos and solos that are on the verge of saturation, popular in most countries.

The outside pressure system that controls the Pacific Ocean washes the coast, with values ​​and stores in the mountains in California, alerting the National Meteorological Service (NWS, in English).

As authorities fix problems with electrical power lines, take it as it does with various roads and flooding. More than 50 miles of housing are killed by electricity.

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In the Salinas area, the cidade of São Francisco’s 160 million settlements, the cross-border or mid-region is the safest place for farmland for farmland, as few as urban areas.

The occasional nets and intermittently, or the way to escape in the middle of bridges, span hundreds of years of campuses.

The number of fields is a puddle that fills the bombing equipment and the last time to detonate the bombs;

A series of California storms were extremely hot. Short interruptions cause an interruption in automatic driving pace to reduce crumbs or restore energy. Second meteorologists, or the climate is not in the extreme.

Espera-se or retorno de um “rio atmosférico” – on the second floor of the United States, ideal for eliminating large swaths of the tropics. “New developments in extreme heavy rains” are seen in the NWS.

– Um metro de neve –

On the mountain, the biggest event in the nevascas is peloque, with many of the last metropolitan trips in Serra Nevada being avalanche alert or avalanche risk and automated expeditions to desaconselham from the ground up.

The footage exposes the authorities in the Lago District, an important region of Rodovia.

19 days have passed since the onset of climate events. A California is as costly as extreme climate and inverno storms.

Most of the time, scientists think it looks like how climatic conditions change, how hot air burns, hurricanes result in very violent events.

This is an initiative that is much needed in the United States, causing practical prazo desastress, and has been in the second half of the two decades of restrictions that preceded the use of Gua.

No entry, experts warn, as there are monsters that could enter an irreversible territory 20 years from the media.


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