‘No firm deadline’ to stop search for Julian Sands – officials

A week after the British actor was first reported missing in the mountains of Southern California, officials say there is still “no firm deadline” for the search for Julian Sands to be stopped.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said the incident was still classified as a search and rescue operation, but snow, sleet and fog continued to hamper operations on foot.

As of Thursday evening, visibility at higher altitudes in the Mount Baldy area was poor and searches are scheduled to continue when conditions permit.

“We will schedule a search for another location when the weather improves and the ground is safe for our crews,” a department spokesperson told the PA news agency.

The spokesperson added that there is no “hard deadline” and no “set date” for abandoning the search efforts.

Earlier on Thursday, Sands’ family pulled their car out of a parking lot they were in during the search.

Mount Baldy residents noted “extreme” conditions, but said they would “not rule out anything” in the mission to find Sands.

“The conditions can be extreme and we don’t even hike this time of year as a resident … it can be sketchy, very dangerous,” Stephanie Coyne told Mount Baldy, PA.

“Other people have disappeared in previous years and (people) are injured every year.”

Ms. Coyne, who works at Mount Baldy ski resort, said adverse weather conditions were “typical” for the time of year.

“People found, maybe. I’m not ignoring anything – the whole situation is just unfortunate,” he said.

Sand was reported to have disappeared in the Baldy Bowl area of ​​the San Gabriel mountains on the evening of January 13, and searches are continuing by “helicopters and drones, weather permitting,” by local authorities.

Ms Coyne added that there have been other instances in the same area in the past weeks where marchers have experienced “falls”.

Jaqueline Miller-Weaver, another resident who works at the Mount Baldy toboggan shop, told PA: “It’s really tough…the conditions are really bad.

“In some areas it’s really cold, even crampons don’t help you,” he added.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department previously urged hikers to “think twice and heed warnings” in the wake of bad weather in the area, and said search and rescue teams had responded to 14 calls in and around Mount Baldy in the past four weeks.

Born in Yorkshire, Sands is best known for his debut as the free-spirited George in the period drama A Room With A View, in which he co-starred with Helena Bonham Carter, Sir Daniel Day-Lewis, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith.

He has also appeared on television in Leaving Las Vegas and Warlock and 24, Smallville and Banshee.

More recently, he played the chief medical officer in the 2021 Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi-led drama Benediction.

He has been living in Los Angeles since 2020.

From 1984 to 1987 Sands was married to future Evening Standard and Today editor Sarah Sands, with whom he shared a son, and has two daughters with journalist Evgenia Citkowitz, whom he married in 1990.

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