Nobody really needs a beauty subscription, but it can save you money

In times of financial distress, subscriptions and memberships can seem like obvious goals that are easy to throttle. But when subscription models have recently triggered such a significant and possibly irreversible change in the way we shop for beauty, I’m still concerned about which offers reasonable value for money. No one needs a beauty subscription, but for many, it’s a way to enjoy cosmetics while saving money on products.

The most popular is Beauty Pie, and with good reason. I’m a subscriber, actually paying £59 a year for access to a “buyer’s club”, selling only direct high-end haircare, makeup, skincare and fragrances made by many of the same formulators and manufacturers as luxury brands. at a more favorable “member price” to the consumer.

If you shop a lot for beauty and don’t mind sticking mostly to one brand, you’ll love Beauty Pie.

Personally, I love it – I apply Superluminous under-eye gloss almost every day, and I can’t tell the difference between Beauty Pie eyeshadow palettes and those from at least three brands that charge triple the amount. But the real value in Beauty Pie is directly related to a member’s shopping habits – if you shop a lot for beauty and don’t mind sticking mostly to one brand, you’ll love it.

Regular-use toiletries subscriptions are a safer bet because you always know you’ll benefit from razors, for example. Flamingo (from £5.95 and with that of sister brand Harry’s) starts with a starter razor, then ships new, great quality blades as often as you go through. They are convenient and less expensive than comparable knives. Similar schemes exist for refillable deodorant.

The most meaningless but valuable subscription comes from Liberty. The store’s Beauty Drop is a great deal for die-hard beauty fans, as subscribers technically don’t spend a penny on a subscription. All they have to do is deposit £20 a month into a beauty savings account and in return receive four free Beauty Discovery boxes a year (imagine items you find on a luxury beauty advent calendar) for over £300 each. plus member benefits like free postage and loyalty points. Your £20 subscription stays untouched in your account until you decide to spend it on any beauty you want online or in-store (Bobbi Brown’s hugely successful Jones Road series is exclusive to Liberty).

For those who have already purchased a handful of luxury beauty products over the course of the year, this is a no-brainer.

Photo assistant: Bruce Horak. Nails: Sarah Cherry

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