Pamela Anderson says her relationship with Tommy Lee may be the only time she’s ‘really in love’ in new memoir

Pamela Anderson opened up about her romantic past. Coast Guard star revealing her relationship with ex-husband Tommy Lee ‘could be the only time’ [she] was really in love”.

The 55-year-old actress reflects on her love life and her former relationship with the Mötley Crüe musician in her new memoir “Love, Pamela”. In an excerpt from the shared book People Prior to its January 31 release, Anderson recalls the fun and love she and Lee shared during their relationship.

“My relationship with Tommy may be the only time I’ve ever truly fallen in love,” he writes. “We had fun and our rule wasn’t the rule.”

The couple married in Cancun, Mexico in 1995 after starting their relationship earlier that year. According to Anderson, the couple just “wanted to have a baby and be together forever”.

In June 1996, the couple gave birth to their first son, Brandon. The couple later gave birth to another son, Dylan, in 1997.

But as Anderson recalls in his forthcoming memoir, everything changed when a “sex tape” of personal tapes stolen from the couple’s garage resulted in the leak, and “destroyed lives starting with our relationship,” the activist recalls.

“He’s ruined lives starting with our relationship – and it’s inexcusable for people to think that even today they could profit from such a horrible experience, let alone crime.” People.

The crime and its ensuing public scandal sparked renewed interest with the Hulu series airing last year. Pam and Tommy Starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

In 1998, less than a year after Anderson and Lee embraced their second child, the couple got into an argument at home amid the stress of the leaked tapes. According to Anderson, the argument turned violent when her then-husband “snatched” their eldest son from her and “threw” her and the couple’s seven-month-old son “on a wall”.

He remembers calling 911, at which point Lee was arrested. The musician then did not raise any objections against the wife’s beating and was sentenced to six months in prison. At the time, Anderson filed for divorce with the model, revealing in her memoirs that this was when their “hell began.”

According to Anderson, her 1998 divorce from Lee was one of the “hardest, lowest, hardest” points in her life as she remembers being “crushed”.

“I still couldn’t believe that the person I loved most could do what happened that night,” she writes. People. “We were both devastated, but I had to protect my babies.”

Although Anderson wrote that she never fell in love again, she has remarried multiple times since her divorce from Lee. She married and divorced Kid Rock in 2006, then married producer Rick Solomon in 2007 and remarried she in 2014. The couple divorced a year later. Anderson also reportedly married producer Jon Peters in 2020. TO! Newsbefore announcing their separation 12 days later.

Anderson most recently married his bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst, and the couple took their vows on Christmas Eve in 2020. The couple announced their separation in January 2022, according to a source. TO! News it was a “pandemic relationship”.

Anderson, who is currently single, writes in his forthcoming memoir that he “is now leading a more romantic life. [she’s] alone” than ever before in their relationship.

But she admits that she thought it would be “beautiful” if she had someone else in her life who wanted the same things, but that she “never met them.”

“It’s often about catering to them and there has to be a balance,” he says.

As for his current relationship with Lee, Anderson explains that the couple still “checks in” occasionally and is “eternally grateful” to the musician.

“Tommy is the father of my children and I am forever grateful,” she writes.

Pamela Anderson says she's 'forever grateful'.  to Tommy Lee as the father of his children (Getty Images)

Pamela Anderson says she’s ‘forever grateful’ to Tommy Lee as father of her children (Getty Images)

The release of Anderson’s memoir will coincide with a new Netflix documentary about his life. Pamela, A Love Storywhich also premiered on January 31st.

In a trailer for the documentary, Anderson reflects on his and Lee’s stolen sex tape and his grief over the scandal’s reworking. “I didn’t sleep at all last night. I took that stolen tape out of my life to survive. And now that everything has come up again, I feel sick,” he says, apparently referring to the Hulu show.

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